Short-Term Pump Disconnect



@Aaron, how many hours does levemir last for you? Do you inject once or twice a day?


@Kaelan - It depends how much I give :slight_smile:

Right now I am doing 2 shots a day 12 hours apart - 7am and 7pm.

Before I started pumping I was doing 2 shots a day - one at 7am and one at 10pm. I gave more insulin in the morning shot. This worked ok.

When I first started levemir ~2006-ish I was doing one big shot before bedtime. It was probably lasting about 22 hours for me and I was probably covering the missing 2 hours with my dinner bolus. I probably did this for about 8-9 years. For me there was a minor improvement moving to 2 shots a day.

My son does 2 shots 12 hours apart and for him it seems to last fairly well.

Both my son and I tend to use more insulin/kg of body mass than the average person, so this is probably why levemir lasts for us fairly well. We are both over 0.4U/kg per day.

EDIT: I think about 3 shots, but I do not know if it will improve things much. I find most of my problems are not the number of levemir shots I take in a day, but instead are my body’s basal needs. For example, I need a lot of insulin when I get up in the morning, and I can’t cover this with levemir so I end up having to give a basal shot to cover.


@Aaron, thanks very much for the info and the curves.

I am also way over 0.4U/kg too, even in times of the year when my TDD is lower (summer). Does your son (or you) notice the sharper peak around 8-10 hours? It must be a bit sharper for people like us who use more insulin than average.

I need a lot of insulin in the morning when I go to school. When I go to school I often use a +30% temp basal until about noon, and lots of bolus insulin. If I go back to MDI during the school year I think it will be hard to manage. In fact it is really hard now with my pump on school days.