Sad news for the #DIY Loop community

I don’t know how many folks here use Loop, but if you have, you likely know Katie DiSimone and you may well have been helped by her over the years. She has spent many, many hours troubleshooting peoples’ problems as they worked to set up Loop.

She has now been given a pretty terrible diagnosis. I’m passing along the GoFundMe, which is something I don’t usually do, because I feel like she has paid it forward in so many ways to the diabetes community and would like to the same in the tiniest, easiest of ways.


I was about to post this! Thank you Tia.

Please consider donating to a wonderful person who had been a true godsend to the Loop community.


Done :slight_smile: Donation sent.

I feel so bad and will keep Katie and her family/friends in my thoughts and prayers.


This hit me hard this morning when I first read it. She’s given so much of herself, her time and her heart to the DIY/ Looping/ D communities


Yes, I agree with all of the previous sentiments. I knew she was no longer with Tidepool but I had no idea she was going through this awful disease. She was incredibly giving of her time, knowledge and care. I pray she will persevere with all our hopes and prays for her recovery. :pray:


Really sad diagnosis, but amazing how many lives Katie has touched and how their fundraising has been spectacularly successful. I wish her the best in the coming months. Truly unfortunate.