Relearning Pump Lessons

So yesterday was an important duh, reminder. My son had his last cross country meet of the year, ran well and went to the after meet pizza party. Of course, it was on day three of our latest pump site. Big mistake.

As a side-note, we have been having enough pump site issues, to question whether we should be changing the sites out on day two rather than going for the whole three days.

So allowing teenagers to be teenagers, my son ate 2/3 of the small pizza (about 100 carbs) and a few chicken wings. This required a bunch of insulin. Following our pizza recipe he dosed 100% 20 minutes before eating and dosed an additional 75% over 3 hours. I think that best case, 1/3 of the insulin got into his system. It looked good until 10:30 (ate at 8:00 pm), at which point he blasted to over 300 for 6 hours despite a number of injections to try to bring him into range.

Long story short, we need to try to time our “craziness” to day one or two of a pump site.


Have you considered getting the prescription for 2 day changes instead of 3? Shouldn’t be too difficult since your endo respects Cody’s D skills and knowledge.

I don’t plan specific pump change days, with one exception - race day is always 16-24 hours after a new site. That’s the only time I plan it.

The best craziness is always unplanned. :smiley:

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Interesting. Yes, we are going to ask about the 2 day prescription at our next visit. My son also has to be committed to this as well, since that is a bunch of site changes.

I agree with unplanned craziness is best…oh how to manage as a D.

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The 2 day site change does kinda suck. There are times I need to change late at night and I just blow it off and take some Levemir and go to bed and put it off until morning. Sometimes it just is inconvenient, and a basal shot is easier.


That’s another clear win for having multiple types of insulin in the fridge.

And for Levemir specifically.

@Chris thanks for sharing. Eventually EH will start the OmniPod (we’ve got it, but he’s been really sick so we haven’t started). Pizza is one of the disasters we are hoping to figure out. Sorry it sucked for your kid. :frowning: