Ran into new regs on scrips

Aargh! I had read about this here, but Express Scripts finally changed their regulations for insulin. Yep, the dreaded short end. 1 box of Tresiba, although I’ve been going through slightly more than that. They just change the number of days covered. So, a 90 day supply is now an 83 day supply, same cost. Ok, so I was getting more than I needed, with them not breaking up boxes, so I feel like I can’t whine too much, as I have a bit saved up. But, seriously.
Going to see about switching back to CVS instead of mail order, see if they’ll give me a 30 day supply option…
Also, I couldn’t figure out why there was a delay in the ordering process, then I saw this in my chart:

I think my dr is losing it, being home with 2 toddlers!


@Mariethm, is your script written for a little more than you need? That is very helpful.


When I talked to a pharmacist at Express Scripts about it, she said unless I needed at least 7 1/2 pens per 90 days, they will only fill it for 1 box. Not sure if I can convince my dr to write it out for that much. Although I would’ve accepted the 54 mL!
Le sigh…


Is it for 30 or 90 day fills?
My last insurance would fill 5 vials for each 90 day fill. Then changed to 30 day fill only, and would do 1, 2, 2 vials per each 90 day period AND did humalog instead of novolog.

But now I’m using a 99$ cash discount card for 90 day Novolog 5 vials.

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Currently I have to get 90 day fills of “maintenance” meds. Except at some pharmacies, like Walgreens, where I get my g6 transmitter. I don’t understand the rules, especially since some are new as of this year, but I’m going to try figure it out.

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Update: So, I switched to retail, which is still “managed” by Express Scripts, but will give me the 2 boxes. Same prices on all my expensive meds, and if the more “normal” ones go up a few bucks, I don’t mind. Have to pick them up, but I’ve had problems with med packages being stolen in the past, so I’m counting it as a win/win. Next I’ll have to see if CVS will treat my transmitters as a 30 day supply (still get 1 every 68 days, but at $30 instead of $75). I’ve probably used up all my “insurance luck” for a while, so I’ll continue getting those at Walgreens…