Puberty peak takes full TDD to bring down


So this just happened… I was searching for something on YouTube that starts with P and just the letter P led to an interesting auto search… (I didn’t watch the videos)


I was so intrigued by your list that I had to reserarch some of the terms, such as pewdiepie…


Quick update:

Over a stretch of four days, my son has been constantly low, slowly drifting from 1.1U/hr basal to 0.65U/hr basal: nights have been busy. He was been stable around 0.65 basal for about 36-48 hours, and is now showing signs to inch up again. No change in exercise regimen.

Following some of the recommendations on this thread:

  • we have worked very hard at making better sleeping arrangements. This is making quite a difference to us. Essentially, we are more ready to wake up, accomplish a correction, then go back to sleep without waiting to see the result, and counting on the next alarm to let us know. This, of course, does not apply to being low.

  • we have prioritized higher basals, following @docslotnick’s advice. We used to do that all the time, but had lost track of that thought in, as they say in Lousiana, “le grand derangement” (for us, the last 4 months)

  • we are ready to hammer peaks with larger boluses, although they are sometimes so large that it is somewhat frightening. Sometimes we pay the price, but, overall, it is paying off. We could never do that without a CGM

The situation is somewhat better because of these measures.

What I really need is a way to identify changes in basal need faster, and the actual insulin need of a hormone peak when it starts rather than when it ends.


If this is the route you’re going you might as well just get the Medtronic 670 don’t you think? It’s impossible to read the future…

Are you as excited to see @Jen ‘s tresiba trial as I am?

Basal insulin delivery: pump, Tresiba, Lantus?

Ultimately, closed-loop control is what we need. But the 670 does not allow the control we need.



I am thinking it might be a really interesting case study with Jen. She seems to have a lot of similar patterns to Kaelan


She does!

But many teens are like my son in their D problems.


Michel, I am glad you have found a little more stability and a little more Sleep! We still rotate between growth periods where there isn’t enough insulin in the cartridge, and periods (up to a week) where we use less than half the insulin from the prior week and our son runs low most of the time. I wish there was a way to predict, it, but we haven’t found it. We just continue to roll with it. We still do our weekly or biweekly meeting and look at the CGM looking for periods where we can adjust the insulin, but it doesn’t seem like we ever figure it out. hang in there, keep shoveling!


Gosh, it’s really good to know that, and I am sorry that you have to go through this!

From the thread and the PMs I got, it appears that our situation is common to teens, but that long-time PWDs have a hard time believing that :slight_smile:

Basal insulin delivery: pump, Tresiba, Lantus?

Oh I have no trouble whatsoever believing it… I think my blood sugar would be doing the exact same thing under the same circumstances

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