Pros and Cons of intramuscular insulin injections?



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My question is, is there any benefits or let’s say ‘different’ characteristics of intramuscular insulin injections vs subcutaneous?

I read somewhere that the absorption is quicker… but then I read on Facebook someone saying it is slower


I love them, and I find, mostly, they’re faster. I assume when they’re not, it’s because I didn’t get the muscle. I’m not sure why someone would find them slower unless they also didn’t hit muscle. In general, I consider them a more substantial shot of insulin. Sub-cutaneous shots now feel painfully slow in comparison. However, before I ever tried my first IM, I had learned how to speed up a sub-q shot just by mixing injection and activity. For me, a shot along with 5-10 minutes of moderate activity would almost be the same.


They are quicker. Especially if the muscles used are working after the injection.


@Israel. The only comments I have second @Nickyghaleb and. @Eric s comments.

Faster absorbtion, especially if it’s a large muscle and in use, and generally more comfortable with boluses under 15u


For my son they are quite a bit faster, perhaps by as much as 30 minutes when trying to turn a stubborn high.


Personally I have never done one, and don’t plan to, since I have Afrezza.

But wondering the benefit of 30 minutes sooner compared to not IM is that significant? I was thinking IM was both in and out quicker, lower peak.
Is that true?


For us IM is faster and also “more insulin”: you get a stronger effect than subcutaneous. So, theoretically you should use less if you were sure it would work as an IM.

But—I a recent IM thread here on FUD, most participants also wrote that the IM effect was not totally reliable: sometimes it works, sometimes not. For us, we use 12.7 mm needles for IM, and out success rate is about 50%. We use thigh and calf, and run for 5 minutes after injection.

@MM2, do you mean less insulin tail? It is very possible, but we never thought of measuring :frowning:

Note: the IM thread I mentioned above is here:

IM insulin injections: what techniques work best for you?