Proper Priming Technique for Pens

I’m doing a Levemir pen injection at 8:00 tomorrow morning and have been given strict instructions to “prime carefully” but don’t even know how to prime “poorly”. If anyone out there is able to give a quick answer before 8 tomorrow morning, it would be appreciated. I’m sure I can find something online if not…

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There are a couple of threads about this. Prime down is my main point. Here is one mention of it.


Thank you, Eric. And now go to bed. Just put your stuff down… and go to bed. :grin:

Thank you, and I’ll take a look. I’m sure I’ll be bugging you at first light, so rest up. :grin:

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Or … prime with the needle pointing up and then give the pen/syringe a little flick with your finger to fling off any insulin clinging to the needle or barrel.

Priming up theoretically also gets rid of any air bubbles in the pen cartridge, though there’s also a theory that the pen needle goes in deeper than where bubbles would rise to.

Anyway, I learned the flick thing when I was taught to do injections at the age of 9 – same purpose, so you didn’t panic if you saw insulin on the skin after your injection.