Prescribing Afrezza -- some data?

Recently, someone mentioned that there were only 300 prescriptions per week written for Afrezza. I also read a few months ago an interesting paper, that I can’t find right now, of course, that discussed the attitudes of medical professionals towards Afrezza.

I am looking for more data on the subject – it is puzzling to me how one of the greatest bonanzas to reach the life of a T1D is blanked out by the medical profession. Can you post relevant sources that you have come across on this topic?

See this:
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The latest Rx are, 5/5/17
NRx = 141
TRx = 283

I am not surprised. Afrezza is a huge paradigm shift in diabetes treatment. The question is if MNKD will be able to survive through the adoption curve. I really really hope they do. I don’t want to go back to my previous T1D life w injected.