Post low muscle weakness?


I’m wondering if anyone knows if exaggerated muscle weakness can develop after a hypoglycemia episode?

Went down to 42 last night and this morning I can barely pick up my feet to walk. Muscle weakness is a known issue for me (under testing by rheumatology to find source) but this morning is just crazy. Just walking the 100 or so feet from my office’s entrance to my desk had me shaking and feeling like my thighs were on fire (not that pleasant post work out fire either).

Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else after serious lows?


I’ll feel a little “off” after a protracted low but have not experienced ongoing muscle weakness like that. Hope you are able to tind out why this happens!


I have a muscle disorder (specifically a CPT II deficiency) and experience muscle weakness/pain regularly. I’m not sure if I’ve really paid attention to it in relation to lows (and I have only been that low a couple of times), but my guess is it might be more related to whatever is behind your ongoing muscle weakness issue. If you have any type of metabolic myopathy, which causes your body difficulty in getting energy in various ways, it would make sense that a situation that disrupts that further would exacerbate your symptoms.