Post-exercise - "wasted" carbs



its the Boost Glucose Control Chocolate Sensation with 16gms of carbs. its awesome.

(and it does come in other flavors, but i havent liked any of the other ones. just the chocolate )


@daisymae Thank you!! Will try it :blush:


i think you’ll really like it. it doesnt taste like a liquid Hershey bar, but its very good for a refuel drink.

be in mind, i drink 2 of them; one after the other. and, they are very filling…at least for me. i generally eat dinner about 2.5 - 3 hours afterwards and i find that i dont have as much of an appitite as on the days that i dont swim and dont drink them.

PS: i order them through JET (on line) and they arrive the next day. i buy them by the case, and they are very reasonable $$$.


@daisymae I love chocolate, so anything chocolatey is AOK :slight_smile: Oh, I didn’t realize you drink 2 of them! Thanks for telling me. Thanks for the JET hint, too. Anything to save $$ as $$ will add up quickly drinking them everyday!


tell me about it. the $$$ can really catch up with you; its one of the reasons i buy them in bulk. (and, btw, drinking only one is just not enough to refuel. at least not for me. eric has an entirely different way of doing it than i do. i tried his way, and it didnt work for me at all. but YDMV )


@daisymae I ended up buying some Glycerna at the store just to try it out to be sure I can tolerate it. They didn’t have Boost but the Glycerna seems to have very similar nutritional breakdown. For 2 bottles, I’d probably have to take 2U. I might just start with one bottle and just 1U.

By the way, I read on some of the FUD Sports Wikis that chocolate milk (skim) is also good for post-run refuel. Have you tried it? It would be less expensive for sure but it wouldn’t include all of the other minerals and vitamins.


Eric loves chocolate milk and milk with Ovaltine post run. i tried it and i spiked from about 70 to over 300 within 1/2 hour. With the BOOST, i never spike. i bolus 50% of the total carbs (for 32 gms i bolus 1.5 units) the BOOST has worked consistantly, effectively for over a year, so i trust it and feel comfortable recommending it. My GI MD turned me on to it.


Oh, wow, big difference! Thanks for the warning! I can see why you’d want to stick with the Boost, and not chocolate milk.


I don’t spike from it because I take a good bit of insulin for it!