"Please Listen to Me" b/c patience is a virtue

while watching TV (or doing anything sedative), i know almost exactly what i need to bring a low up into target range, and i know about how long it will take for my BGs to climb. for me, patience is a virtue. i can pretty much tell you how much apple juice i need to bring a 35 BG into range without even thinking about it. i know how much i need to bring a 50 back into target range. its a good thing for me, as i know how different foods, juice, or Gtabs take before i even bother to re-test, no matter how lousy i feel at the time.

on the other hand, my husband goes into manic panic mode ! and we have been together for 25 years. you’d have thought he would know to trust in my decision making to alleviate my correction by now; also, i have even brought him to my CDE (who’s husband, coincidently, is a pump wearing T1D ) so that she could explain to my hubby to stop panicking. take a chill pill; stop stuffing food into my mouth (ice cream, OJ, chocolate, Ovaltine with milk, cookies, etc) and i have even brought him to see her 2 more times since. i have even brought him to talk with my imbecile Endo for a lecture.

my husband listens to no one. he won’t even listen to my meter (hahaha)

so heres the deal: what funny (or not so funny) stories do you have to tell about your experiences with your partner/spouce /child/ self regarding severe hypoglycemia? lets face it; we’ve all had them. there must be something to tell.


The stories I could tell would all involve my wife saving my life.

It’s taken me a long time to follow her advice when it comes to raising (or lowering) my Bg, and she is right almost 100% of the time, even though I have argued with her about telling me to drink another orange juice many times.

Sometimes I just don’t know how she puts up with me instead of just letting me go into a coma and having the paramedics take care of me.


Sounds like you have a keeper! :smile:


thats exactly what i do with my husband. we never argue until my BGs are so low that he thinks my decision making skills are way too wacky in order for me to make appropriate choices. but still…

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I’ve posted this before, but I think it deserves repeating.

Not long ago I had a deep low (30’s I recall). First o.j. brought it to about 45 where it stayed for about 15 minutes. My wife told me to drink another o.j. and I told her no, give the first one some time.

She then told me “look, you’re 100 points frm being high and having to take insulin. But you’re only 15 points from having to take an ambulance ride”.

I drank the second o.j.


wish my husband would stay so calm, sensible and collected. as i already said: he goes into panic manic mode.

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