Omnipod: how to set up temp basal as units rather than percentages

If you change your temp basal adjustment to units, you can adjust your temp increments at 0.05 units per hour. Would this still not be a fine enough adjustment?

First created the pre-set temp basals you want to have at “percent”.

Next, go to:
Settings >System Setup > Bolus/Basal/calcs.
Change temp basal to units/hour instead of percent

This is the best of both worlds. Use the presets you already have that use percentage for longer temps, where the percentage is constantly changing the normal basal value for each hour.

Or use the units/hour temp basal for any fine-tuning you want.

For example, you can change from 0.65 units/hour to 0.70 units/hour or 0.60 units per hour. That is about as fine-tuned as you could ever want!

Let me know if you have questions about what I am describing.


I had NO idea you could do this. Learn something new every day!


@Eric, this is a real discovery for us, I also had no idea! We just played with it this evening thanks to your very clear explanations: really nice! This deserves its own thread for sure!

It would be nice to have smaller increments, though: 5% of 0.9U/ hr still occasionally takes us from too little to too much.

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