Omnipod Dash + Contour Next One = Awesome....I hope

Looks like Insulet has entered an agreement with Ascensia (of Contour Next One) to connect the Pods to a meter. As stated in the article, 95% of blood readings were within 8.4% of the reference results…which seems pretty good–but I am wondering about the other 5%. The official accuracy of dexcom G5 is shown to be 9%, but looks to be 100% of readings. Click here for comparison.


I know a lot of people are excited about the new system. It adds CGM. But because it removes the BG meter that is currently in the PDM, it will add a piece of hardware to carry around.

What do most diabetics carry? Devices for - insulin delivery, BG testing, CGM, and many or most always carry their phone too.

Currently most people using the Omnipod carry 1) their phone OR a Dex receiver for CGM and 2) their PDM. The PDM gives you insulin delivery and BG testing, and your phone gives you your CGM. If you are a kid without a phone, you’d carry the Dexcom receiver instead of a phone. So it’s still TWO devices.

With the new system, it will be 1) the PDM, 2) your phone (because people still want to make calls and txt), and 3) a BG meter.
The PDM covers insulin delivery and CGM, and the BG meter covers the testing. But it’s THREE devices instead of two.

The only way it saves on carrying a device is if you don’t usually carry a phone around with you. In that case, it’s two devices. But that is what you would have currently anyway.

So simply from a device standpoint, it either keeps it the same for you (2 devices) if you are one of the rare people who doesn’t take their phone everywhere. Or it increases it (3 devices).

I think removing the BG meter is a bad call. Having a PDM that did insulin delivery, CGM, and BG testing would have been tremendous.

I talked to Insulet product, and the reason they did it - not everyone can get insurance approval for the FreeStyle strips the PDM currently uses. So we can thank insurance for that…

I am misreading this? The Contour Next One is not a CGM, though.

Why is it better than the old system?

My thinking is that this is their way or wirelessly connecting their bg meter with the Android device. The whole point is setting up a Bluetooth architecture to transition into using a phone. For now, it isn’t better. When a cgm is introduced, it will be awesome.

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The upside…at least in my opinion, is that now my 3 year old son would only have to have 1 cyborg contraption on his body instead of 2. I don’t care about carrying additional equipment…I’m thinking more about his well being and him having to endure less pain, less often.

No, the CGM and Omnipod are still 2 separate devices. They are not combining them.

Omnipod will integrate with Dexcom CGM, much like the way Medtronic uses their Enlite sensor. But it is still two different pieces of hardware stuck on your body. :frowning:

Hmm, I misread it seems. Doesn’t sound like a good option, then.

The Dash concept is that it will integrate with Dexcom CGM. That is in the first release, which is end of this year (supposedly).

Then later on, after much testing and hand wringing with the FDA a few years down the road, the Omnipod with have an AP system like the current Medtronic 670G (but hopefully better, and without tubes).

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