OmniPod Certificate of Medical Necessity

I have been having a lot of trouble getting the pre-authorization for the upgrade from Eros to Dash pods through my insurance (Tricare for Life/ Express Scripts). Part of the problem is that the provider’s office doesn’t seem to know how to respond to the denial and so I went looking on the Internet and found this:

Hope this is helpful to other FUDers!


Great find! Hope it helps your docs office resolve the issue! I think @Eric’s advice ref another script issue to fill it out for the doc with known good info and boxes checked would enhance the likelihood of success…the trick being finding out what’s needed. I’m going to a mil pharmacy in the next couple of weeks to refill my Dash pod script. Do you want me to inquire with them? I can print the form and take it with me or just ask what form they accept for pre- authorization.