Omnipod basal preset at particular times?

Hi! My last post asked if I could place omnipod on my bicep as I had managed to pull out two pods in 3 days on my tricep. I’ve done so and it’s much better so now i’m trying to tweak my settings a little

Reviewing my dexcom for the last 3 months i’m clearly seeing dawn phenom starting around 3am to around 6am every night. How do I set my basal insulin to bump up a bit at 3 a.m. without having to wake up and setting a temp one?


Are you asking about just adjusting your basal profile? It’s pretty easy to do.

You can’t make a change while it is running, so turn off insulin delivery for a short time so you can edit your basal program:

  • From the Home screen, go to >Suspend, and suspend insulin delivery for 30 minutes / 0.5 hours

Now edit your basal program:

  • Go to >Settings>Basal programs
  • Select the basal program you want to change.
  • Pick edit
  • Go to the time you want to change, or add a new time segment, and enter the rate you want


  • From the home screen, go to resume and resume your basal program

Did you have training on it? You should call your trainer and have them walk you through it. That is something they definitely should be able to do for you.


My biggest suggestion here would be: create a new basal program.

You can have a large number of them.

It more than sucks when you just edit your single existing program and that doesn’t work out. And you can’t remember what on earth you had it set to before your brilliant edits.

The way that we do it now is:

  1. to duplicate the existing basil program
  2. change the name of it
  3. then go in and tinker around with the settings

You can create a great number of time slots for your 24 hour basal program and tweak the settings.

Also, don’t forget that insulin takes a while to act. So if you are going low at 4 AM, you might want to set your basal program to begin decrease prior to 4 AM.


Also, I would snap a photograph of your existing basal program just in case something happens. I like to keep those on hand in case the PDM breaks so we know where to start.

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I can actually spell…but the text field is limited…and so is my imagination when I’m working with the PDM. Hence the wacky titles :smile:


I had very similar experience with dawn phenomenon as I started on Pods. My Basal rate is elevated from 10pm through 11am to compensate for the morning spikes. I would literally jump 100 pts from a cup of coffee no sugar just an ounce of milk.

When the CDE first made the adjustment we raised it by 0.10 un and after 3 nights that wasn’t enough so I bumped it again. I finally think I have my settings dialed in 3 months into using pods and coming from MDI.