Off omnipod but normal BG



Very weird, my daughter removed her Omnipod and it’s been a day since shes replaced it for a new one, but her bg is not high. She’s T1 for two years now and don’t know what to think.
Shes at 80 since last, night. What does this mean? Im missing something. Is this normal?


Is she staying at 80 even after meals? Does she eat low carb, and what is her activity level?

It’s possible to have a long honeymoon period, where her body is making insulin. But this does not sound unusual.


The progression of loss of beta-cell function varies for T1’s. Some can have periods of time when their body is able to make insulin and it can occur for periods of time years after diagnosis.

A simple blood test called C-peptide is one way to determine if her body is making insulin.

The other way to tell without that test is also pretty simple - just do regular BG tests and see if she having any high numbers without taking insulin.

Generally these periods do not last very long. So just keep the pump stuff ready when it’s needed.


We had a period like this during our honeymoon period (about 7 months for us), but rest assured, the insulin production vanished and the high blood sugar returned in short order. We had one of these periods last for 3 days.


@Cbanda, so nice to see she still has some beta cells! We had a few episodes like that the first year. My son was diagnosed at age 11. It is possible that your daughter has an unusually long honeymoon.

Some T1s do keep episodic beta cell function for many years, even beyond a regular honeymoon.


She staying normal after eating and after after exercise.



Enjoy it while it lasts.

Assuming not on cgm, I would suggest to do a meter/fingerstick at 2 hours after EVERY meal as well as before bed and in the morning. Without fail.

When the BG goes back to its pattern that you are used to then you will be ready to treat.


Thank you for replying. What a bummer and here we thought it’s a miracle . She is on a CGM hopefully will be on top of her levels


Certainly the cgm makes it easier to catch the BG when it goes high again.

The only reasonable assumption is that this is temporary.



Yes, it would be nice if it was a miracle, but a couple of days later things got back to normal for us. Enjoy the easy control for a few days.


My parents and I had the same feelings. It was when I was around 5 or 6 years old. We didn’t have the same access to information that is available now. It was easier for me to just think I was cured.

I know this is a sad thing to contemplate.

But ultimately you can know that while diabetes seems really horrible and tough, with hard work eventually it can become much less significant.

I wish you well on that journey. FUD is a great place to help with that progression.


@Cbanda, really sorry about your child’s diagnosis, and our dispelling the illusion. It took me, personally, a while to reconcile myself with my son’s diagnosis. Do know that (1) the care becomes routine and mostly background, and that (2) there are enormous technology changes at hand with closed loop control that will very significantly improve care automation in the very few upcoming years: they are here already.

There are many of us parents of T1Ds here on FUD, and there is no community more focused on cutting edge treatment and advanced care techniques. If you are looking to figure out the very best possible management techniques for your child you are in the right place.


Or son, Liam, was diagnosed 3 years ago and still produces betta cells. He’s still on only 5 - 8 TDD and according to those here in FUD, that’s a low amount of insulin for someone his age (5).