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Get yourself a days-of-the-week pillbox that is large. Put a pen needle pack in each morning’s compartment. As long as you remember to take your morning pills, you will also remember your Tresiba.


I already have one…4 slots/day for a week…and it’s pretty full. :grimacing: I might be able to squeeze a needle in, though I could put one in for my nighttime stuff, and I guess maybe then I’d actually stick to dosing at night…good idea.


My mom rubber bands a bottle of pills to her morning pill dispenser box. If she puts those pills in the pill dispenser, they melt – they need to be kept in their original container. But if they are attached to the pill box, in their original bottle, it works really well. I think you could do that with Eric’s suggestion. My other thought is to set a very loud alarm for the time that you want to take the Triseba. Alternatively, you could place the insulin and container full of pen needles on top of your pillow, attach it to your toothbrush, or place it somewhere really obvious that you’re going to find it.

I am awful at remembering things. But EH is really good at it, and rarely forgets. I think that when you get it set as a habit, it will become much easier. Also, could you have somebody else help you remember? Maybe your husband or your sister or a friend could try to text you?


I don’t think it will make much difference when you take Tresiba, but at the same time, some people do seem to find more of an effect with the tail wearing off from the past day causing differences in coverage. So I think I would start with whatever is easiest for you, and then see how it goes. I also think with very small doses, it is likely to make less of a difference anyway.