Never had a Strategy Before with Lows: Today I closed my Eyes



What grade did you teach? For how long? Very interesting!


9th grade ESOL. I was young, and half of my students were almost my age. So my coloring activities often flopped. Also 9th and 10th grade English.

So my grammer… and my spelling stuff… like the run on sentences and lack of commas or thoughts… that’s all stylistic stuff. Make no mistake. I could do good if I wanted to. But it’s for effect.


You are a tricky one @Nickyghaleb!

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I think you’re touching on everything — how integrated everything is, and how many clues are scattered along the path to a bad low.

I’m not myself diabetic. My young son was diagnosed T1D 12 January after being DKA. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to think that in time he comes to recognise the onset of lows. As of now, not at all.

I get migraines. They’re triggered by refractive light, or sometimes my mind. If I’m quick enough I can avoid 36 hours of blindness and terrible pain. But I have to run with my instinct. Half a minute is too late if I don’t react.

T1D is on a whole other level, of course. I’m trying to intuit my son’s body and the flow of all the variables. Hopefully soon we will have the G6 to help. But still, I think his most effective longterm defences will be sensitivity, awareness in its physical and non-physical nuances, and instinct.

How would the body communicate with the mind if pain were not an option? How can the organism, that has its own will to life, get the attention of the mind, the seat of consciousness?

Stop, shut down, listen.

Thank you for this lesson.

Sorry for breaking in.


You made it! I’m so glad you’re here. :hugs: If there’s a place where people can help make it all feel normal, and where you can learn how you and your son can get on top of this, this is it.

And there is no breaking in. These discussions are for you as much as they for any of us. Anyway, welcome. :heart:


Ian, he certainly will! How old is he?

Really sorry for his diagnosis :frowning: But you will find that it is by no means the end of the world. There are a lot of us parents of T1s here :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!


Thank you, Nicky. I have been speechless for a month. I’m sure you can all understand. That and reading furiously, everywhere, all angles, all the time. As we settle in, I’d love to find a community of support here. I know I will need it.


Thank you, Michel.

My son is 9 in April. Old enough to fully involve, young enough to lose the phone we’ll pair with the Dexcom.

As I’m sure you well imagine, that’s the least of my worries.