My trip to the middle east and control issues

Sometimes someone says something that makes me think, “Just like me”:

I just blamed my wife for underestimating the carbs and just upped, or downed, my C/I ratio by some amount, yet:

Yep; I’ve cut out all of the staples I learned about in “O” level geography. Casava, Manico, Yams, Rice, Wheat. Not barley of course, well, not until recently; these days I avoid beer too.

Why? (Not a scientific question, yet it is…) I don’t know; these things all of which can be obtained in a form which has a “low glycemic index”, just rush through and make me into the irritable person with no parents that you are used to.

Numbers are bad for you. Fructose, and glucose for that matter, have this weird property (so far as humans are concerned) that there is a cut-off, a rate limit, to how fast they can be digested. Sucrose is not so limited. I’ve never had a problem with raw fruit; a lot of the “sugar” in it is fructose. Give me a Big Mac and I will be cussing you out in 30 minutes. Go figure, as we say.

I didn’t really solve the “20%” problem; I moved to AndroidAPS and now I just throw carbs against the wall and AAPS cleans up afterward. I no longer blame my wife and, truth be told, I have to blame myself far less too. YMMV

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Your wife estimates carbs for you?

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Yes. She knows what is in the food because she prepares it. Anyway, she like doing it, or, maybe, insists on doing it, so my I/C ratio (ISF) is adjusted for her estimates.


I’m quite jealous! Sounds like heaven for someone to count it all up. Tell her she’s AWESOME from me!


Thanks @jbowler - your comment prompted a whole separate thread on the role that partners play in diabetes care. In case you have a perspective here’s a link …


I got her to read the comments; she said, “Of course [I am]!” I love her [a simple statement of fact]. Last picture I have on my 'phone for food (prepared by my wife of course):

The diabetics heaven, a cook who (unlike me) has read Bernstein, then adapted.