My calibration technique for a day when BG is never flat

These days my BG is not very flat. I used to calibrated right after getting up, and right before going to bed. But, before going to bed I typically am often going up and down a lot, and, right after I get up, my BG goes up really quickly for 15-20 minutes (it’s called feet on the ground syndrome), and I also have to inject right away for breakfast.

So, what I do is that, the moment, I wake up, while I am still in bed, i calibrate right then: it is the flattest moment of the day for me. That gives me one calibration.

Then, my dad calibrates me at night, after more than 5.5 hours have gone since my last insulin injection (that’s my DIA).

This way I get two calibrations a day, and they are in range or almost in range, and I am flat when they happen, and I have no IOB at the time.

This does not happen every day but almost every day.

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Interesting… I wonder if your bg is already starting to skyrocket as soon as you wake up but it just takes the cgm a few minutes to start registering it?


If I calibrate right as my mom shakes me up I think it won’t have time to go up a lot.

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