I have a question about Medicare.

I turn 65 today and I am still currently working and have good insurance, I won’t be retiring until I am 66 and 2 months. I did talk to SS and they told me for SS as long as I have insurance from my employer that I won’t have to sign up for SS at this time.

My question is how about Medicare, I believe she said I could wait on that also but I am no positive. Is there an advantage to signing up now since I still have insurance?

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In some cases people stay employed, start medicare, and their employer plan covers what medicare doesn’t.

This info may help

If you don’t start medicare at 65, and don’t follow certain rules, your premiums may be higher when you do start.

There are local medicare specialists that can help you determine rules for your state, and your employer benefits dept should help too.


Thank you very much I will check into this today.


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While I’m not sure that there is a one size fits all answer, your employer’s HR department should be able to provide guidance as official SS-defined retirement age gets pushed up but Medicare can still start at 65. If you work for an employer of even medium size, this must come up frequently.

While everyone is different, I also had good employer health coverage and was still working at age 65.

In my case, I started Medicare Part A (Hospital) the month I turned 65 despite still working. I started Medicare Part B (Medical) when I was 66 yrs and 2 months because I was laid off at 65 and 11 months and my employer had to pay 3 months of COBRA before I had to start Part B. That is obviously a non-standard situation. I still don’t have a Part D (Drug) because that is covered by my former employer’s plan.

Finally, although I can’t recall for sure, I don’t think Medicare premiums kick in until Part B starts … but that is another thing to check out with Medicare and/or your employer.

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Thank you for your information. I did contact HR, it was a bit tricky because some people are working from home.
She did tell me because for the insurance that I have I don’t need to sign up for Medicare yet. She also sent me the paperwork that I will need when I am going to retire which is 66 and 2 months. They will give me a letter stating that I had medical coverage and there will be no penalties.

Thanks you for your help!

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This is a link to a document that covers a number of timing details for when and how to sign up for Medicare without incurring penalties and/or higher rates. There are “Special Enrollment Periods” that apply if you sign up after you reach 65 because you are still working.

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