Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug) Plans May Now Cover Omnipod®

So - was looking for an update on the DASH PDM.

I went to the Insulet website and noticed that the stock price was up 13%. Turns out the news of the day is…

“today announced that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued guidance clarifying that Medicare Part D Plan Sponsors may provide coverage for products such as the Omnipod System under the Medicare Part D (prescription drug) program.”

This is appears to be good news for those folks who were waiting for this news.

Kind of like:
Some group has issued “guidance” [wow, going out on a limb there!] that FUD-ers such as Eric may be proclaimed King of Maldovia.

Well, there you go. Concrete and iron-clad as it can be.

I guess it depends on if the word “may” means “might” or “is allowed to”


I might be the King of Maldovia.

Yeah - but speculation about rulers of historical kingdoms doesn’t drive any stock prices up (or does it) :smile:


It will be interesting to see if the Stock Price “sticks” or if it drifts back down when this gets fully digested.

Good news - Yes. But I will be shocked if anything quick happens from this.

EDIT: I just looked at the stock price graph of PODD from today. Yeah - Wow. That was an increase of Market Cap by about $500~600M on decent volume.





So many things happened while I was taking a side trip to Minnesota!

My good friend @Eric crowned kind of Maldovia! I am thrilled! But sad I missed it.

If I’d known I wouldn’t have gone. Next time you get crowned king somewhere, @Eric, you should let me know at least a day early.