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Hola all, my name is Mariana, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you before in the diabetes space. I was diagnosed w/ type 1 diabetes back in 1984 in Mexico City, there was no diabetes education in the city back then (still much diabetes knowledge missing) and, no need to say there was NO diabetes technology whatsoever. I am a psychologist and diabetes educator, I am nowadays studying Nutrition (Bachelor’s degree).

I was diagnosed on July 22nd, my mother’s birthday. Yes, I’ve always done stupid things haha.


Welcome, @Mariana! You will find lots of friendly people and helpful info here.

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So much in common! :grin: I came here in much the same shape, but I’m learning new things by the day. Whatever I missed in the first 15 years of being diabetic, I’m making up for at light speed. I’m sure you will find the same and look forward to chatting!


@Mariana, it is wonderful to see you here, welcome!

You may enjoy this: we reached Spain a few weeks ago (we are planning to live here for half a year) and people here are trying hard to extirpate my Mexican turns of phrases out of me, but I am resisting mightily!

Just this morning I had to explain to someone what I meant by the zócalo of our little town here. There isn’t one, really, here in Granada anyway, although I refer to the plaza at the top of our hill by that name… Its real name is the Plaza Larga :slight_smile:


Ah hahahahahha i hear you…plaza would mean “mall” over here, fight back, dont let them take away that kind mexican in you hahahaha. Thank you for the kind welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Mariana, so glad to have you here!

Hola @TiaG thank you!!! :smiley:

Welcome to the wild, unlimited diabetic family that is FUD! I learn something every time I login.