Lovastatin replacement suggestion pleae?

Currently on Lovastatin but I really don’t like statins in general, but am having some symptoms like leg cramps and lack of energy that I took myself off of it.

Tomorrow (Friday) I meet with me primary care doctor who is not my diabetes doc but prescribes everything else.

Any suggestions of what I can discus with him for alternatives?

I’m currently eating much better (lower carb) and exercising 30 min per day cardio, so that’s improved.

I just don’t like statins.

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I don’t agree that eating lower carb is necessarily eating better.

If it helps you do better at managing your BG, lower carb is fine. But usually people replace those carbs with something else. What is it? If it’s saturated fat - then the lower carb diet has you going in the wrong direction.

Carbs are not the enemy. High BG and saturated fats are the enemy.

  1. Reduce saturated fats First on the list for a reason. Start with that.

  2. In general, reduce LDL, increase HDL.

  3. Increase omega-3 fatty acids. Eat fish (especially cold-water fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines), and also eat nuts and seeds.

  4. Increase soluble fiber. You can try psyllium husk, it’s easy to take and can reduce your LDL. Also eat more oats, bran, barley, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils.

  5. Exercise can help raise HDL. You are already doing that, which is great.

Here is a post with some other food suggestions:

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My husband went from simvastatin to lipitor and his dose was lowered too, to 10mg. His cough went away and his leg cramps improved, but he still gets them - just not as often or as severe. His cholesterol numbers are all great. I’m not sure about all the different brands of statins out there, but it might help you to switch to a different one than you are currently taking.

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I’m taking 5 mg of rosuvastatin and have not had problems. It seems like a lot of doctors start at high doses of medication rather than starting at small doses. I’ve found often that the smallest dose of a medication has the desired effect with no side effects. It’s easy to raise the dose if needed. Especially for something like cholesterol, where you’re taking it for prevention rather than an immediate health problem.

I recently started on another type of medication called cholestyramine. I started on it for stomach problems, but I was surprised to read it’s also prescribed to lower cholesterol. It might be something to research and ask your doctor about.


Thanks everyone. In February my total cholesterol was 186 (should be <200 ) and LDL was 118.

I told my MD my concern and he suggsted generic Zetia. He said this was a newer drug, though, and not many studies out as statins. When I looked online, looks like there are more bad things associated with it than statins, so I"m confused!

He said he himself also had muscle pains and had to try 3 different statins before he found one that worked with less cramps. Should I maybe just try a different one like Lipitor? I believe I’ve been on simvastatin and lovastatin but I don’t think I’ve tried Atorvastatin. All are free under my insurance, so cost is not an issue.


I have been on Atorvastatin for the better part of 10 years with no side effects, but my results may not mirror yours. It is worth giving it a try. The data that supports statin use in the correct population is undeniably good. Not as strong as blood pressure medicine, but worth trying if your physician feels it is important for you health.


I have a little more than half that time with similar results. I was also a refugee from other statins where I either had leg cramps, or coughed all night or just felt off.

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