Long-Term Experiment: Switching to Novolog from Humalog in Omnipod, Try #2


I’m seeing a lot of similarity between my body’s use of Novolog and what @Michel has posted about how it lasts/activates in his son’s system. Seems about 45 minutes for prebolusing and it seems to last 5+ hours for me. IOB matters more for Novolog than it did for Humalog, at least for how Humalog performed for me in the last few years.

I did have two drinks Thursday night. With Humalog, I wouldn’t have needed to turn down my overnight basal for that. With Novolog, I needed a juice box at 4AM and had to lower my basal by 50% for a few hours. That was a new experience. Interesting to see that difference.

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I believe I’m seeing hormone induced insulin resistance starting up, which makes sense timeline wise for me. Despite being a bit bold with some corrections, a hot shower, and a tiny bit of extra basal last night, my bg drifted to and hovered at 170 all night. I’m going to try +5% basal today with some beefed up meal boluses and see how that does. Novolog seems to overcome hormone insulin resistance more effectively than Humalog for me, so I’ll start small.

The nice thing about using injections a lot of the time now for boluses is it helps reduce the odds that my pump site is going bad on me. I’m glad that my anal retentive observations over the years are helping my sanity in this moment so that I’m not chasing down all the possible reasons I had a stuck flat line at 170 all night when none of the dosing/eating/exercise conditions would have warranted that. Hopefully this stuff helps someone else eventually, too.


My body seems to have acclimated to Novolog. The first week I was on it, my body was super sensitive to it. This was particularly noticeable since I was in my most insulin resistant week hormone-wise and needed no extra insulin to handle the hormones. That is not true this month, though.

I’ve been on Novolog for over a month now and find it to be behaving similarly to Humalog in efficacy. My sites are much happier on Novolog, though.


I’m loving me some quiet hormone time. Fewer fingersticks. More accurate Dexcom (typically) when I’m not spiking and dipping as much.

Just an update on Novolog since I’m in my second month of using it now.
-My pump sites continue to look much better than when I podded with Humalog.
-Novolog and I get along well so long as I respect its tail.
-Stacking insulin matters more in my body with Novolog than it did with Humalog. Showering with stacked insulin is a bad idea for me.
-I still inject Novolog for most of my meal boluses. I am only seeing welts from injections on my abdomen now…which has always been pretty sensitive. My legs are not welting anymore like they were initially. Not sure what to ascribe that to.