Interesting Study About T1D Honeymoon and LDL

I find this study depressing because as far as I can tell Samson had almost no honeymoon. He had one perfect day a few months after diagnosis that I still remember, where he needed almost no insulin. But that was it. :cry:

"More than 50% of children and adolescents with new-onset T1D do not undergo partial clinical remission and are thus at an increased risk for long-term complications of diabetes mellitus…

…PCR was defined as insulin-dose adjusted hemoglobin A1c of ≤9."

I think Samson might fit the definition of PCR. I’m a little confused by this study. Are they saying that they adjusted the A1c depending on how much insulin a child was using? Seems rather subjective.

oh! I mean his A1C at diagnosis was 7.2 and it was never higher than 7.5. So I feel like maybe that’s reassuring. I would like him to get his LDL tested though earlier rather than later.

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I think that is the point of the study, that perhaps we need to re-evaluate when they do LDL testing