IM Injections Over Sub Q Shots/ or Pump Boluses


Sounds like you have an endo that get it. That is awesome!


You wanna endo-swap?


I get annoyed having to set aside 2 hours to go to the endo, I can’t imagine traveling to a different state for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Already have done this. Right now it is a company of one, my friend. :wink:


You’d be the most interesting person at a party, @Eric. That’s for sure. I’d be afraid to sit near you maybe, but you’d definitely be one to keep an eye on.

At all times.


Yeah I guess the real test of my endo would have been to respond “Well actually, I have this friend @Eric from the internet…”


That’s why I’m here. That’s badass. Thanks for sharing with us, @Eric. :heart: