I think I got the Diabetes Yips

You know, I think I got the Diabetes Yips. For about five years.

I’ve touched on over-analyzing before, but I do think that I got too closely tuned in on finite details and started missing the big picture for a while.

I attribute my case of Yips to the following:

  1. Transitioning from moderated hormones (birth control) to swinging hormones (no birth control) without any idea of what I was in for regarding insulin sensitivity changes was a beast. It caused so many crashing lows that I became afraid of every downward trend. For years. When you don’t know what is causing the low, it’s hard to not be suspect of all lows. Still working on that.
  2. I would have two glasses of wine in the evening frequently enough that it was changing my blood sugar routines the next morning…which also contributed to surprise results that I did not understand the “why” behind them. That also lead to a disconnect for keeping my hands wrapped around my bolusing needs for meals.
  3. Sometimes I wish I could tailor the Dexcom graph display to my own value preferences and scale preferences. I always shoot for the middle of my set high-low range…because it just looks scary to me to run lower than that on that screen. I never worried about those numbers pre-Dexcom. Don’t get me wrong, I love CGM. But it changes how I process information now.
  4. Having little kids dependent on me at all times makes me intervene much earlier than I used to. And sometimes that early BG tampering does more harm than good. I’m trying to get better at letting patterns ride to give it time to show me what it’s going to do, but it’s a process.

Anyway…fewer site problems and more mindfulness and more confidence are helping me to kick my Yips to the curb.