I love technology when it has my back!

I may have let my hair down last night (i.e. school functions are stressful and when the liquor store is on your way home…). I definitely created a “competitive environment” with an uneven mix of Merlot, Junior Mints stolen from my kids’ Trick or Treat bags, cashews (not sure why I always feel the need to eat five million cashews after wine?), and insulin.

Dexcom and Sugarmate covered the situation for me overnight. Technology is fantastic when it has your back. I usually operate on the assumption that I have to be my own back up bc technology can always fail (bc it can)…but it worked out last night and that’s good for a sanity recharge after school functions. Definitely needed glucose tablets overnight and into this morning, but #worthit.


That’s awesome! Are you looping? Or using the t:slim?

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I’m an old fashioned Omnipod and G5 gal, no looping for me at this time. But I sure appreciated my low alarms and one Sugarmate call last night!


Ah, got it! I was thinking the closed-loop system saved you from some lows… The alarms are totally helpful. That’s the one feature I miss with the Libre. I’m using the MiaoMiao and xDrip on iPhone but it seems temperamental, sometimes alarming way too much and sometimes not alarming at all, and sometimes not collecting readings at all… So often overnight I just go without alarms. And I must say, I sleep much better, and it hasn’t seemed to have any negative impact on my A1c (so far).


…and now my pump failed 16 hours into its run. This is a tight rope relationship!

To be fair, I saw the failure coming. I was aggressively scrubbing and rescrubbing my stove top with my pump arm, wondering if I’d be able to get away with that.

Evidently not. :slight_smile:

Butt podding it is.


I remember back in the old days, when we had to drink without a phone app.

Dark times indeed.