I love it when the guessing works

I had a dentist appointment at 5:00 tonight. When I was a teenager and had a two-hour appointment to get orthotics (and was on R and NPH), I either went low or was almost low. Eitehr way, it was a big topic of discussion and concern during the appointment, and I couldn’t eat for most of it because they were gluing the bits of metal to my teeth. So ever since then, I’ve been very aware of not wanting to go low during appointments. Often times, I overshoot and end up having to give a correction.

Today at 4:00 PM I still had 1.7 units of insulin on board from a food bolus. Since I often go low at around this time of day, I decided to risk it and suspend my pump for two hours. My appointment lasted just over an hour (healthy teeth, yay!). About 20 minutes after I got out, I was drifting a bit low, so suspended my pump for another 30 minutes and ate one glucose tablet even though I technically was supposed to not eat for 30 minutes after getting fluoride. I went and picked up groceries and came home (all walking), and I think overall it worked out very well!

Gotta take the small victories after a week of ridiculous highs (20 mmol/L to HIGH more than once).


Yes!!! But this sounds like a big victory!


Such a good feeling when a total guess works out! That track looks awesome especially since all the things you had going on :clap:

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Heh. Overnight was like the opposite lesson. Firstly, I vastly over corrected for an anticipated night of running low (did a -20% basal rate for 12 hours plus drank 30 grams of carbs in juice because I had a bunch of IOB before bed). And also, I tried to run my infusion set past two days, and predictably it died (these are steel sets, so not meant to be used more than 24-48 hours).

The result?

Finally back down into range after the site change I should have done last night and about three corrections. Since that is about my fifth time hitting HIGH in the past two weeks, here’s hoping I won’t do it again!

It’s ridiculous how much time and attention diabetes takes just to keep from dying. :slight_smile: