I climbed Mt Whitney this summer!

The ‘Cactus to Clouds’ hike is located in southern California. It starts at the Palm Springs Art museum parking lot at an elevation of about sea level. The peak of Mt. San Jacinto is about 11,000 feet. I have never done the hike to the peak from the parking lot, just too much of an altitude gain. We always finish at the San Jacinto Areal tram station at the 8,500 foot level and take the tram down the mountain.


I hesitated to buy it, too, as I didn’t think the convenience would warrant the price! I was wrong! Once tried, it became essential! I mostly only wear it for exercise though, which is a large part of my day. It is pretty durable so I don’t think you’ll break it. Do get the screen protector though.


Hey Kaelan, I have plenty of experience with losing or breaking phones and watches too. I went with the Apple Watch 3 for that reason. The bare bones 3 without cellular is the lowest cost version out there…I’ve seen it on sale at $169. Works well and holds a charge for almost 2 days.