Hypoglycemia-related injuries

So we all know the serious short-term risks of hypos, and we’ve talked about whether there are longterm risks on here too. I just encountered a new one though—chipped my tooth on a smartie of all things last night when shoveling some down to treat a bad low (low 40s, dropping)! I have no idea how I managed that, except I bit down on one exactly the wrong way, sort of chomped down hard sideways/on the edge of it with a front tooth (lateral incisor), and chipped off a bit of enamel. I don’t think it’s too bad—a bit rough textured in that spot but not noticeable visually unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s a little sensitive there now, so will see my dentist soon to figure out if anything needs to be done for it.

Anyone else injure themselves in dumb ways when low?


@cardamom Count me in as doing odd tings when low. I have all sorts of injuries, scars, etc from lows over the years. Since running a cgm though, i don’t seem to have as many severe lows where i do myself harm. One reason that my spouse is a follower of my cgm values and starts trying to make contact at 65 or lower.

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My CGM usually helps too, but the Dex app has been super inconsistent for me lately re: alarming audibly for urgent lows. Sometimes it does it despite my having everything on silent etc (which I tend to do, vibrate only); sometimes it doesn’t though, with no apparent pattern, even though you aren’t supposed to be able to silence the urgent lows. Luckily I have good hypo awareness, but I was very involved in a task, so it snuck up on me. I suddenly realized I felt LOW though, and checked, and was in the 40s.

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@cardamom are you using IOS or Android? In Android if you have the settings on “Do Not Disturb” but have the ringer on vibrate or ring, you will be notified by the app. If yo have the Do Not Disturb and ringer on silent, then no noise at all. Within the app settings on Android and I presume on IOS also, you can specify whether or not the app has permission to override personal ring settings

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I’m on iOS. You can set that up in app, but it says that it does not apply to Urgent Low alarms, which I find to be true… some of the time.

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@cardamom I am so sorry about your tooth! What a frustration.

We have that problem sometimes too. I don’t know if it is resolved. But I don’t think you’re alone.

I am going to try @elver’s suggestions and see what that does.

@cardamom @TravelingOn you might also look at the sounds menu in the phone settings to make sure the notifications sounds are not muted. In Android, I can go into the app settings and in the advanced settings for the app allow the Dexcom or XDrip app to override the Do Not Disturb setting


I’m so sorry @cardamom, that sounds painful! I’m glad it’s not visibly noticeable although I can imagine it’s the kind of thing you’ll rub with your tongue a lot, until you get used to it.


One time I spilled a bunch of hot soup on my lap while low (and while wearing shorts). I didn’t quite get a burn but it was not pleasant haha


Owww! Yeah that does not sound fun at all.

I sent a tooth pic to my dentist (what did we ever do before tech?), and he said it should get fixed but it’s a very easy/quick procedure (just a little bonding/composite material on the spot). I have an appt in a little over a week to do that. My tongue doesn’t end up touching it too much, but it’s a little sensitive in that exposed spot, so probably good to get it patched up.


The only thing I can think of is bruises from being way clumsier and running into things while low :woman_facepalming:

Had a friend who when the TV show Friends was all the rage purchased a trendy large coffee/tea cup, made some blazing hot tea and proceeded to spill it on herself. Needed weeks of wound care. Really ugly burn in a pretty sensitive spot. I being her roommates friend was a little merciless on her, but hey she did have to sit around in her underwear for an extended period of time, and she didn’t have low blood sugar to blame.