Hypoglycemia: Prevention and Treatment (Presentation/PDF)

Hypoglycemia: Prevention and Treatment (Presentation/PDF)
Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE; Integrated Diabetes Services; Friends for Life, Falls Church; 2016


@britt_j thanks for posting this. I did find slide 3b Appropriate BG targets to be interesting because a pre meal target of 100 is considered to be aggressive. I did not know that. I thought a pre meal target of 80 would be aggressive. I assume that the numbers in white would be the corresponding A1C levels if someone consistently achieved those numbers.

Today, I received in the mail, my United Healthcare Taking Charge of Your Diabetes pamphlet. For hypoglycemia management, it stated "What to do for hypoglycemia if you are able to swallow:
Taking 15-20 grams of glucose is advised…
Drink 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of juice or soda…

Your doctor may advise another treatment"

I have to chuckle because if i were compliant and followed these instructions, my BG would be yo yo ing.


Funny, I went through the same instructions last week as well as I was sorting all of our diabetes gear… I had the same reaction!

We still do yoyo some times :slight_smile: