How off have you seen home A1C kits?

So, we had to do a zoom 3 month checkup so we didn’t get to see his A1C. I really want to know what it is. I bought one of the Walgreens ones and tested. Dexcom had estimated 6.1 and Walgreens showed 5.5. (We are working our way down from a diagnosis # of somewhere above 14.). Should I assume actual is somewhere in the middle? How off have you ever seen one of these be?



I have no experience with the home test, but my A1C (lab) is usually a point or 2 lower than my Dexcom estimate. But I suspect that result varies by individual as well as the lab used for the A1C.

But regardless an awesome job for a 5 year old!!


If this is based on 90 days of relatively accurate dexcom readings, then it is more accurate measure of BG control. But averaging the numbers may be accurate too. I have done home A1C tests that were close to labs, some not.

Either way, sounds like you’re doing great !!!


Awesome bg control!!!

I’ve found that my dexcom estimate can be off lab A1c by .4 or .5. I think it probably varies by individual - how accurate the dexcom is for that individual. And also A1c can be skewed to be measuring the more recent BG trends (say the last couple weeks rather than the last three months on average (like I’m assuming your dexcom estimate is set to give the last 90 days average)).

I have used CVS A1c kits that look just like that walgreens one, and I think when I compared it to lab drawn A1c it was off by .2. They probably vary test to test (as the lab drawn A1c’s can as well). The important thing is that you guys are crushing it!


First, you guys are killing it. I can tell you for us, an A1c of 5.5 - 6.5 is all the same, i.e. we wouldn’t be changing up our treatment scheme with an A1c in that range. So keep doing what you are doing, it is working well.


I haven’t used one of those kits, so nothing to contribute, other than to say, great job!


Ever since they become available, I have always done these home tests whenever I got a lab test. That way I could validate the home test.

I have used these a lot.

They have generally been within 1 or 2 tenths of a point of the lab test!

Every once in a while you can get one that has a very squirrely number, like off by a full point or more. But for the most part, I think they are pretty accurate.

Most of these kits come with two tests. To be extra sure, you could do both tests on the same day and see if they are close.


I feel like even the lab tests can be off by 0.5 – so I would assume your number is somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5 if it were me. Honestly, the Dexcom average is probably a better thing to look at if you have it.

My lab a1C is usually higher by 0.3 than my Dexcom calculated a1C. I’ve used the home a1C test kit a few times and was close to what Dexcom was projecting but I don’t remember the exact number. My endo clinic actually uses a “professional” a1C test kit and does not draw blood to send to the lab. Even for these tests, it is usually 0.3 higher than Dexcom.

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