Hilariously spot-on med videos

So this guy is pretty hilarious in general with his academic medicine videos, and I thought I’d share his endocrinology one: https://twitter.com/DGlaucomflecken/status/1373360742489989121

Also a particularly spot-on one about orthos (vs internal med): https://twitter.com/DGlaucomflecken/status/1377024780524679171

And rheumatology (this one is for anyone who ever had a ambiguously positive ANA): https://twitter.com/DGlaucomflecken/status/1371901346413117442


Thankfully no experience with rheumatology, so can’t say how real that is, but the Ortho video really hit the sweet spot! I knew I was in a new medical space when I showed up for a Ortho case and the Ortho was wearing waterproof gardening boots.

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