Help For DM Regarding Stubborn Crashing Lows

This used to happen to me a lot! I think the recommended solution is to do an extended bolus so that you are only getting a small percentage upfront, and the remaining over several hours. I know you do not use Loop, but I noticed by “mimicking” the extended bolus on Loop by specifying the carb absorption of 4 hours or more, and specifying the time of actual eating (not the time of the pre-bolus), I can usually prevent these lows during dinner and not spike!! :slight_smile:


thanks for this info. i do LOVE doing dual (square) boluses. i find them very very helpful, but only with certain foods that are higher in fat (b/c they do digest very slowly compared to a high carb meal)

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PS: last night was wonderfully uneventful. i turned down my basal by .025 u/h and it got me right through the night without any crashes or spikes.

today, so far, i had to lower my basal a little more b/c i am going into the City and will be very active. i will see if i need to raise back my basal when i am leaving the City to come back home.

i am really looking forward to my swim tomorrow, and i am hoping that this new “formula” will be as successful as it was last night. :swimming_man:


Yay for uneventful! Glad you managed to not have a low that kept going. Hope the City was fun and you got to eat something tasty. This has been an interesting thread. Thanks for sharing!


I’ve experienced this same problem and I found for me the biggest help is to ride it out and trust the SIMPLE SUGARS I eat will eventually bring my sugars up. Being low is an uncomfortable feeling but you have to give your body time to digest.


i generally give myself about 1/2 hour to notice any change in my BG after treatingw ith simple carbs (Gtabs, Apple Cider, Chocolate). sometimes it takes an entire hour. i do try to be patient, but, like you said, it is really uncomfortable being too low and not getting the immediate “fix” from the correction.


I had a very WILD period a year ago. I came down with full blown Addison’s! my diabetes went berserk, and labeled “brittle” (ER trip) My insulin needs dropped almost exactly by 1/2. 1 unit correction dropped me about 28 BG points, then after Tony (Addison) set up shop 1 unit dropped me almost 60 BGs! I had a spike when this started in earnest, took 4 units of bolus, and instead of dropping about 115-120 points, I dropped by, more like CRASHED by 220!!! Good think I had, & have a habit of not correct big spikes in one single correction dose.

I went to a NovoPen Echo that does insulin in 1/2 units.

I can dial in 1u, 3u, 6u or even 4.5, 6.5 units etc. Worked GREAT, and still use it now that my Addison’s is getting treated properly. My factors are near but not exactly the same as before Addison’s.

Now I am Air dependent, insulin dependent and now steroid dependent. Having more than 1 autoimmune make you susceptible to more autoimmune diseases. I even have a new friend that also made a home on my ody. I have a face-like area behind my thumb & index finger, with milky white eyes, nose & mouth with hyperpigmentation face. I was calling it my jack-O-lantern, but learned the darker skin was from primary Addison’s, and the milky with features were Vitiligo, were from adrenal autoimmune activity. My new endo noted, it was probably festering for a few years, before my syncope and horsepital stay last year.


PS: I changed the name of my new friend (oxymoronic term) to Tom-O-Lantern, since this new AI disease is named for Thomas Addison. Who said ya don’t get an AI diseases after you hit your 70s?

@Gomer I’m so sorry you have had so many autoimmune issues, and such a scary hospital stay and experience last year. I’m a little worried about the same issue for Samson, as he’s now had two run-ins and is only 5. HE also has faint white patches on the skin on his face and I get worried about if it is vitiligo.
One thing I’ve read is that, while one autoimmune disease makes you more likely to acquire another, at some point the math shifts. It’s basically very rare to get more than five. I’m sure that’s not super reassuring to you but if you already have three, maybe that means you’re body is ready to stop finding new ways to attack itself now??

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Hi Tiag

What I posted is only the TIP, of the proverbial iceberg. They LITERALLY tried to kill me!

At 8:04am they injected (IV port)me with an ant nausea med to prevent me from vomiting when they put me into a COMA. At 6:06am The other nurse asked me, very nicely, if she could give me my insulin. I said "yes". I watched as she started injecting Lantus directly into my veins, via the I/V port. My vision went BLACK immediately, before I could ask her what the H311 she was doing, but I heard the female nurse boasting to the male nurse, how easily she got me to unwittingly agree to let her kill me. Less than 4 hrs later the log shows she gave me ANOTHER injection of Lantus, the about 3 hrs after that they did an EEG (brain-wave check to make sure I was actually in a COMA. The record show “NO REPORT”, to hide what they were doing.

Then sometime after about 3:30, & before sunrise, I came out of the COMA! @ caregivers were walking away from my bed/monitor area. They talked about just having done another injection! Then they stopped in my doorway & announced, “He’s a DEAD MAN” to someone in the hall. Next. being careful NOT to alert them I was actually alive & out of the COMA, I turned -R and my vitals monitor was off, unplugged or moved. My room was completely dark, no lights nothing! With no working monitor, they did not know I came out of the coma, nor would they likely return to check on a dead man, so I allowed my self to sleep till morning.

The Doctor had a very weird nonplus (translated to English it means NO - MORE). expression

Of course I demanded to be released, told his I would do a self release if I had to. I learned, last year, of a backup plan, that is even worse! Our county sheriff is into “snuff videos”, he wanted to do an execution video, with me as the “star” to be murdered in it. Using “Potassium Chloride” w/o the humane drugs, for a slow, excruciatingly painful death. He has even invited one of his own employees to star in a snuff video for him.

The county ahs tried getting him OUT of office, but not even the state governor would remove him! BTW I found this out about him & his known sick bucket list just this year, and it is PUBLIC knowledge.

This HORSEpital has have a few suspicious deaths in the past. ALL those involved the murder attempt on me, seemed well orchestrated, knew exactly what to do etc, like they have done this before!

NO one needs to convince me FACT is stranger than fiction!


PS that ai’nt all, either.