Help Fine Tuning my Tandem Settings

My current settings are:

Basal: 0.55
Correct: 1:2.3
Carb: 1:10
Target BG: 6.1

I wish I could change my target BG, but the Control IQ does not allow for that. With correction 1:2.3 I sometimes have lows, but with correction 1:2.4 it doesn’t seem strong enough. Carb ration 1:10 works okay if I do a long pre-bolus. I’m not great at the pre-bolus, but I’m trying to improve.

If I post how today goes, would that help? Like count my carbs, provide pre-bolus info. and 2hr post meal levels? I really want to tweak my settings. Of course, if I exercise it’s a total crap shoot for me. Like the other day I was sitting at even 8-9 range, ate an apple without bolusing before I started skulling (rowing) for 2 hrs. Even with this, turning down my basal to .10 per hour no control IQ, I went low. Had a liquid blast glucose drink mid row and was steady, then spiked afterwards for a few hours. Exercise seems hardly even worth it sometimes, unless it is regimented, early without any bolus on board and the same thing. That’s not how I work, I like team sports and sporatic adventure like a walk or hike or paddle or bike ride. I know planning is what makes us function well, but I hate that.

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For the CF 1:2.3 is more aggressive than 1:2.4, are you sure you’re making the setting more aggressive? Also, basal testing to get the basal rates throughout the 24 hours on track is necessary to getting any CF or Carb Ratio to work correctly. Once the basal setting are on track you can nail down your other setting so they will work as they should.


Exactly, with correction 1:2.3 I sometimes have lows (ie too aggressive), but with correction 1:2.4 it doesn’t seem strong enough (I get highs). Yes, currently I have the more aggressive setting of the two (1:2.3).

When I don’t eat/fast, I am pretty steady at 0.55, so I think my basal is accurate, but that said, control IQ is doing a lot of background adjusting, so maybe not. I suppose to do basal testing, I’d have to fast at different times of day and not have Control IQ on?


Does sound like basal testing may provide some better results. The CF is not really designed to correct anything after it has risen or fallen, it’s used in the algorithm to impact the initial prediction of a rise or fall before it gets too far.


Yes, I’d turn off Control IQ to do the basal testing. When I download and review the data, it can nearly double my basal rate sometimes!


Thank you! I’ll start with some “Control IQ off” basal testing.