Heartbreaking: alternative "medicine" parents kill boy with diabetes by withdrawing insulin

The parents decided to enroll their 6-year-old boy with diabetes into an alternative “medicine” workshop, where, at the direction of the charlatan who led it, they withdrew his insulin, and tortured the boy with slapping “therapy” while watching him die slowly. The purpose was to “cure” him of his insulin “addiction.”

Reading this article is a horrible and painful experience. So be sure you want to read before clicking:

A terrible example of why we should be intolerant of antiscientific or unproven alternative medicine “cures” on FUD.

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Can’t bring myself to read the article, but I absolutely agree with this part. It’s a distraction talking about these things like they are real.

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Horrific (can’t bring myself to read it, either). I’ve been a fan of alternative medicine my whole life due to my upbringing, but I am all for a blended approach based on needs and effectiveness of one vs the other (or even combinations of both). The number of people I’ve run into who truly believe modern medicine is evil and alternative therapies are the only way to go…it’s just sad.


Yeah, there definitely seems to be a trend these days of modern medicine being viewed as suspicious and alternative medicine being viewed as the best way to go. I don’t understand it at all. I get frustrated with the conventional system at times, but I’d also be dead several times over if it wasn’t for modern medicine.

There was a case like this in Canada a few years ago, involving religious beliefs, which got widespread media coverage during the trial. I used to feel physically sick every time I read about it or even just saw a link to an article about it. These stories are always horrific. In the Canadian case, the parents were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.


Exactly! I can’t stand it when people bemoan greedy Big Pharma and simultaneously promote expensive alternative ‘drugs’. Don’t tell me that Big Placebo selling pills without any useful active ingredient and 10 ml bottles containing something infinitely diluted (i.e. nothing) in water and/or ethanol is some kind of non-profit organization. How is selling that stuff for $5 or $10 or even more not greedy?


Ha, I love that!

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Terrible situation…

But I don’t think we’ve gotten too many crazies here to the point where we need to start reigning it in. The problem is, who gets to be the judge? Are we going to shut down every discussion in which someone refuses statins because it’s against the mainstream recommendation? How about restarting a cgm?—- that’s not using it as approved… how about people who come seeking legitimate advice on how to manage fasting for their religious reasons…

There is no need for anyone to be the judge. Scientific evidence is enough to make these calls.

As for “cinching up,” as for me I think we are perfect as we are now: those few that have shown up with unsupported cures or remedies have been taken to task by members that were not satisfied with their evidence, and the resulting threads are leaving a good trail against such claims for people landing here on Google searches. The latter is an important consideration.