Have you seen this?

I just watched this - and wondered if anyone else here had seen it. Not really any new information - just curious what you thought. Guess I’m kinda surprised to see Type 1 get any attention. :sunflower:


That’s a good program for educating both those with and without the disease. Thanks for sharing it. While I agree with the point a “war” level effort needs to waged on diabetes, both the causes and the riches it brings various manufacturers, the same can be said for so many issues that getting not only the US but the world to focus on it will be extremely difficult. Having studied and practiced the art of war, I know what it takes to commit to an overtly obvious situation worth going to war over, and there are still those with counter opinions. So, getting the population to focus on so many issues that need that level of effort is a huge challenge. Despite that, I am one of us, and join the many voices that have and will join the fight. I realize my daughter, my grandson, and the children that follow him will face the potential of this disease. We and they are worth the effort.