Grande Pumpkin Spiced Latte + a Glazed Donut: Thanks Basal-IQ



I think this concept applies to a broad variety of topics with growing up… kids naturally go through a phase of rebellion— and I think that things that they’ve been exposed to responsibly and learned about in a positive way don’t have the same appeal for avenues of that rebellion…


In your excellent replies, one of the take-aways that struck me is you alluded to going out drinking with friends.

That, to me, is one key to safety. A drinking buddy system was what kept me safe as a frequently inebriated younger person. And I think for T1 young folks, it’s probably even more of a good thing. We just had a pact that if we went out together, we came home together.

@glitzabetes, have you ever tried the skinny margarita? EH gets those and likes them. But I’m thinking maybe you like the sweet part. :wink: I would too!

Also your alternate basal program for boozing seems brilliant!!! Start it before drinking and it runs all night keeping you safer as you sleep. Keep us posted on how that goes! Sounds like time for an experiment.


Yes I pretty much only go out drinking with friends! This definitely is a big help, especially considering I generally have either my best friend or my boyfriend with me when we go out, both of whom have a solid understanding of diabetes.

Funny story, one time I accidentally got way too drunk and I ended up throwing up (drinking games - they’re dangerous). At some point during the process, my boyfriend accidentally pulled my infusion site off. He managed to successfully put a new one on me with no guidance from my drunk self. I was quite proud of him when I heard about it the next morning haha.

I have tried them, and they’re good, but I don’t know. There’s just something about getting a sweet, sugary drink that I love!

I’ll be sure to update you all once I start testing it!


Ha! I wasn’t laughing when I first read it, but I realized that it must’ve been quite a scene. And I’m glad it worked out! So now I’m laughing with you. Good job, boyfriend! Puking sucks. I am sorry about that.

And glad you’ve got a good team for going out with. Sounds smart! (I also hate skinny margaritas. I was just trying to be responsible and my alcohol suggestions. :wink:

Years ago when Eric was first diagnosed (he was 24 or so), we went to the first endocrinologist and she was like “don’t drink alcohol”. Uh, yah, right. I think actual advice would’ve been much more helpful. Since then most have said no to drinking. But the last two have said “try scotch or whiskey no mixers” which is refreshing. I’m glad that they actually have a class for teens. Hopefully it comes with realistic instructions instead of somebody just telling them just not to drink.

(For the record, I wish none of us felt like drinking was fun/necessary. But it is something we do, so having knowledge of how to do that wisely seems helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:)


Our class definitely comes with instructions on how to safely drink and take commonly encountered recreational drugs. Of course, they assured me, the underlying message is we don’t want you to do these things, but if you do this is what you look out for and how to do it safely.