Get Back On Track

Tips for getting in the mindset to get back on track/get disciplined? I have just come out of the most brutal breakup I have ever experienced, and during the last few weeks I’ve pretty much ignored my Diabetes. I wish I had gotten in touch with my Doctor, as the stress I was experiencing was beyond okay to leave, but I didn’t. Anxiety, depression, no sleep all led to being too high to read for several days, etc.

Anyhow, today is the day I feel enough is enough and I’m starting anew. I want to try keto because it’s the easiest for me in terms of satiety and control, as I’m fairly certain I’m a carb addict.

Any tips welcome re discipline, healthy mindset, keeping on track, etc.


First, sad to hear about your troubles (I just got divorced after 23 years.) and I have been recently in your shoes.

Eating is one of those things we do to cope with times like these. And MOST of the things you want to eat are the very things we SHOULDN’T be eating! Well, not the amounts that tend to be consumed when we are in these mental states.

Until you have a lot of other issues under control, maybe find a ‘safe’ binge food? Mine was cheese and summer sausage (spicy kind). I could eat a lot of it without affecting my BGs too much, and I felt a little better when I really needed to binge on something.

Therapy can help if you can get to it.
Just talking with a friend, especially one that has been through something similar, can be a huge benefit for your psyche! One of my friends went through a horrible divorce and he offered me a lot of support when I needed it.

As for the D portion itself. Honestly, getting your mind in the right place will help the most. If you can’t think straight, it is really hard to manage your diabetes!

Exercise, even just walking, will be a good start for both your mental and D health. It helps take your mind off things, it gets your body moving, and helps keep your BGs under control. Nothing too stressful, just get moving. (at least, it does wonders for me.)

I, among others here, would be more than happy to offer our thoughts offline as well. This is a very supportive group that can help you.

One other thing, and most people HATE this. Eat the same thing, or close to it, for your meals. Things that you KNOW how to dose for and don’t have to think about or stress over, and will keep your BG within a safe range. Same breakfast each day, same lunch, similar dinner, etc. It may be boring, but you would be amazed how you can get your BG under better control without having to think about it.


I think for me getting outside is key and prioritizing the blood sugar so that I don’t do anything until the number is right.

As for breakups…I feel like the advice out there is remarkably redundant and is along the lines of doing your own thing confidently until something much better works out. Being out of a relationship will open up a lot of opportunities and potential.


Yesterday I only ate crap 1x and at lunch. Normally, I’d say f&$@ it I’m already high and continue all evening, but nope. I stopped after that meal (3 tacos and 2 churros with caramel dip :drooling_face:) and did my strength training at the gym, got 13,000+ steps in and had a healthy low carb dinner.

Today, got 10,000 steps in, ate all low carb healthy and no crap. Still contemplating getting my 20 min elliptical routine in, but even if I mix it, I’m still making good progress.

Tuesday I’m going to go to a local OA meeting and see if it’s my vibe.