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So my 10 day sensor wear just ended, and I wanted to update a bit. I did manage to get another Libre reader (although the pharmacist was very skeptical of the fact that I needed a new one since it has hardly been a month since I got the first one, they even called to confirm again that I actually wanted another reader :stuck_out_tongue:), and I started up the new sensor as the old sensor started telling me it had 12 hours left. The reader is now telling me that the old sensor has expired… however the MiaoMiao is still dutifully reporting data from it, so I am thinking that it may last for the full 14 days allowed outside the US :smile: For science, I do want to test that theory, but I also now have this new sensor fully functional on my other arm which seems a little wasteful. I may just leave the MiaoMiao on the old sensor until I have had the new sensor on for a full 24 hours (my sensor accuracy tends to improve a lot after that point) and then actually see whether this next sensor will last the full 2 weeks.

I suppose I ought to also see whether the MiaoMiao will pick up data after the first hour instead of after the first 12 hours, hopefully that’s true.


I have been on Libre plus xdrip plus MiaoMiao for a while now. Xdrip+ is the equivalent of Spike but for Android.

You were worried about being non compliant earlier but as long as you use the Libre as instructed by your endo as well as having Spike you are fully compliant just getting a lot of extra help which hopefully will show up in your Hba1c. You have the reader which is approved by them FDA for making treatment decisions. The only others, I understand are the G5 and G6.

In real life however you actually are much better off whether endo understands or acknowledges this as you have alarms and the ability to calibrate when you get one of those slightly off Libre sensors. In my case I have my blood glucose on my watch as well so my BG is just a glance away,

Putting your sensor on a day before the other runs out is known as soaking and gives better results in the first 24 hours when you move the transmitter over. You still get the full 14 1/2 days.

For anyone interested in the Libre MiaoMiao (or Blucon - much cheaper in States) check out my website and read article “All about CGM”


Hey @anthonywarren your website is a good collection of current info, I get where you are going with it and applaud your efforts.

One thing you may want to consider adding to the technical portions is a last update date, that way a person can quickly see if it is current or older information, especially considering how fast things are moving in this space.

Nice job!


Thanks Chris,

Good point - I am updating every couple of days but I understand that is not obvious.

I get very little feedback despite multiple daily visits so any criticism is very useful.

What I would really like to do is to get other people to write articles, for instance a gaping hole is one on smartwatches. So many of the questions on facebook pages relate to this but I am totally unqualified.

The other area is help with publicising CGM in general. There must be some people in our community who have contacts in the media. I dream of getting an article into print newspapers or radio or TV documentaries even into the plotline of soap opera showing how it can transform peoples’ lives. I have built the website as a 1st port of call for anyone who has just heard about it and is looking to investigate about how to set it up.




We had a filmmaker I think here a while back looking for info. Perhaps there will be another request in the near future. I will keep you in mind when that happens.

That 12 hour warmup is bizarre. It’s 1 hour here in Canada.

Where are these “pump to MDI” threads you speak of?? I’ve got some fellow 670G users who are looking for some transition information…

It is late, but I will find them in the morning! Love the graphic!

Hi there; I’ve come direct to you as I’m having probs setting up alerts within Spike and hope you can help. We wake up 3x a night for our 8 year old who got diagnosed 15 months ago, and have purchased MiaoMiao. I’ve setup the android with nightscout to feed to spike on my phone, but can’t work out how to set a basic alarm for a high or low at nighttime (to wake us up). an you help me at all? FYI I’m in New Zealand which will likely be a big time difference. Many thanks in advance. Victoria


I have an iPhone 6 FYI

Hey! Happy to try to help.
Let me try to make sure I am understanding the situation correctly. You have data being collected on an Android phone, and you are forwarding that data to Spike on your iPhone, right? Is Spike getting data points correctly, and you just need to set up alarms? Or is Spike not getting the data?

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If you’re just trying to set up alarms, and you have Spike in follower mode working properly, you should be able to go to Settings>Alarms

If you want different sounds/snooze times for different types of alarms (or different times of day) you need to go to “Alert Types” and make those. Then in the Alarms menu select the event you want to set an alarm for (ie “Urgent High”), then hit “add”, and specify the times (and BG value if applicable), then assign the alert type you want for that alarm. Sorry if this is confusing!

My “Alert Types” menu looks like this:

Because I have different Alert Types made for daytime and nighttime of each type of alert. I made them all separate mainly because I wanted differences in sound (my daytime alerts are mostly silent, my nighttime alarms are super annoying and loud) and snooze times (Urgent Low during the day has a 30 minute snooze, while daytime High has a 60 minute snooze). You can name them whatever you want, I named them this way to help me keep track of them.

In my “Urgent High” settings I have two alarms set, one from 0:00-07:00 for my nighttime alarms and one from 07:01-23:59 for my daytime alarms. It won’t let you set two alarms to have the same time so you have to adjust the minutes appropriately to make things work. You can also just set an alarm to function for the entire day by checking the little box.

It’s kind of a lot of effort to get it all set up the first time, but it allows for a lot of customization once you get it going!

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You are spot on thanks. It pretty much answer my question. Ideally I’d like to setup 2 alarms for night time/‘:1) 10.00pm - 7.00am for critical low (ie 3.8), and 2) 10.00pm - 7.00am for critical high (ie 17.0). The trouble I have is with the clock because it won’t let me setvtheae times for some reason…it jumps to ‘am’ all the time. Does that make sense?

Yes, playing with mine I see what you mean. I think it doesn’t like it if the start time is “later” than the end time, if that makes any sense? I was able to set up one alarm from 12:00am-7:00am and another from 10pm-11:59pm, so you could try that out! You could then give them the same “Alert Type” so it doesn’t feel like 2 separate alarms for the same thing.

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Nice …I’ll do that. Thanks a million.

FYI - I hadn’t pushed send to that last thread hence the massive delay.DUH

on another note, the miaomiao has stopped transmitting in the last 3 hours - hence me being online again to find an answer. Neither the android, iPhones or nightscout are receiving BGLs. Has this happened to you?

Hmm the times I’ve had issues like this I typically resolved them by quitting the app and reopening or turning off the phone and turning it back on again. I would think it could be either the Android setup or the MiaoMiao is having difficulties (sometimes caused by the transmitter not sitting on the sensor properly). I don’t know a whole ton about xDrip+ if that is what is causing your issues, but @docslotnick is FUD’s resident xDrip+ expert :grin:


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For someone not technically savvy, can you share step by step how to set MiaoMiao in apple iphone. Just got it.


Hi @grodriguez!

I don’t have the slightest, but I know a few people I could at least ask. You’re obviously setting this up with Spike, right?

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In truth it has been a while since I first set up the system and my memory is a little foggy - the first step is absolutely to get the Spike app on your phone though! When you first start up the app I believe it should guide you through a setup process

Edit: As I’m looking over the Spike website it would seem that they’ve currently closed it to new users :worried: unfortunately I think this pretty much means you will need to wait until it’s reopened