Freestyle Libre: going from 10 to 14-day sensors


I don’t think there is any difference in sensor accuracy, some people just seem to struggle with the Libre and others do fine. I have found it more accurate in the first 24 hours than Dexcom and better at catching spikes that Dexcom misses. It can be off as much as ~2 mmol/L at times (36 mg/dl) but I dont find this a huge deal.


I edited my post but am also making a new comment to clear up some misinformation…apparently the $25/sensor I paid (thinking I was buying 14 day sensors) was only because I was given 10 day sensors. I went to pick up my two 14 day sensors, and I was charged $74.99. :slightly_frowning_face: So it’s actually not a good deal to switch from the -0 day to 14 day in my case (your insurance coverage may vary, of course. I also haven’t looked into any discount options). Not only that…but the pharmacy gave me 10 day sensors, assuring me they were 14 day sensors. Again.


So the price for the 14-day sensors is #37.50 (about $2.70/day), while the price of the 10-day sensors is $25 ($2.50) per day?

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Yes. So not a significant difference, but enough to make me realize this huge struggle with my pharmacy to get switched over is not worth it. :frowning_face:

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I must say, it irritates me to see Abbott (or another other company) play around with pricing to extract another little sliver of flesh (another $5.50/30 days) for the privilege of using the same sensor for 4 more days. I am pretty sure this is just a difference in FDA approval for these “different” sensors.


Right. The only reason I think I’ll proceed with the switch is because of the 1 hr warmup on the 14 day vs 10 day (12 hr warmup). If I’m going to be adding basal insulin, I want more monitoring coverage, especially since I’ve been using nights to do the warmup but now will want to keep a closer eye on nights.

Also bummed because I just saw a post about a FreeStyle app on phones now being available for US users, but it’s for iPhones and only the 7 or newer. I have a 6s and have no intention (and no funds) to purchase a newer phone any time soon. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here is the Diatribe article on this. You are right :frowning:


And I’m just popping in here and have no idea if this has already been discussed, but I don’t think the 14 day sensors are compatible with Spike… for those who care and/or don’t know something different. :grin:

I’m hanging onto Spike by a thread at this point— like I really don’t have a good handle, BUT I really do enjoy the fact I get it on my watch while I run, I can skip the 12 hour warm up with it, AND I have heard I can extend my 10 days of readings to 13 days with it anyway… I have only confirmed the first 2 of 3 claims there, but #3 does come from a reliable source, so I believe it.

You guys know I’m not top of the class at FUD with any of this stuff, but I think these might be other reasons to consider not making the change to 14 day sensors if you haven’t done so already…

And now I’m popping back out. :grin:

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Hi, RE: NFM to Bluetooth adapters for Android Apps like Spike & xDrip.
Yes Abbott changed the code on their 14 day sensors so my Ambrosia Blucon Nightrider stopped working about 6 weeks ago when I got my first 14 day sensors. ie:until Ambrosia figures out the new coding. I believe the MiaoMiao also had the same issue. Still trying to find out if the coding issue of the 14 day sensors has been resolved. Anyone know?

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