[FIRSTS] Liam has Ketones. 1/13/2022 :(

As you all know, he’s been having a rough patch lately. He has periorbital cellulitis and bacterial conjunctivitis in both eyes. He had 4 baby teeth extracted on Tuesday and i hoped we would see a marked improvement after that time. On Wed he started complaining again of his eyes being watery and his upper eye lids have started turning red on both eyes and he’s getting eye discharge. He was high all night and today also…(during the night between 170 and 280 most of the night and today he is riding between 160 - 180.).

So, i thought i would do a ketone check (even though his BGs weren’t above 300, we know that your BGs don’t have to be high necessarily to get ketones… They can be present during illness even with no fever or drastically high BGs)

Anyway, his Ketones were 1.1. I have him drinking plenty of water right now and will do another check in an hour or two. I guess we are lucky that these are the first ketones ever detected since his diagnosis (i do check periodically during illness or prolonged high bgs).

He has an opthimalogy appointment at 2PM.

He’s been such a trooper but i just wish i take all of this from him… His diabetes, his eye infections, the whole lot of it. Going on a month sick now. I am not tweaking any settings because he’s sick… I’m just hanging on to the bull right now.

Not pretty, but this is the bull we’re on right now:

He’s doing a sensor warmup atm which is the reason for the current disconnects.


You’re doing a great job, and Liam is an absolute trooper, and he is so lucky to have a dad like you!

I’m sorry you all are going through this right now. I hope it will ease up very, very soon!


And electrolytes with sodium helped me a lot when I had ketones.

Giv Liam a gentle hug from all of his FUD buddies. :hugs:


Damn, you can’t catch a break. I feel for you, when the little ones are sick and acting like a trooper it just sucks. Hang in there.


Ketones went up to 1.4 and then Erin bought some Pedialyte and… Guess what? He drank 1/3 of the bottle and 1 hour later his Ketones were .1!!

Thank you @CatLady for the reminder about electrolytes!!


So glad he’s doing better. Definitely give him a hug from all of us here.

BTW, what do you use to measure his ketones?

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We have a digital ketone meter. I would have to check the make/model of it. I can check if you’d like.


If its not too much trouble. I have ketostyx but have heard that it is better to have a meter but just curious what people are using these days.


I get boxes and boxes of the ketone strips with my prescription…I probably have 50 boxes unopened because I horde everything. lol. They’re nice to have around when you do have ketones, though.


Oh bunnies – both of you – all of you (Liam, Erin, you). This is a lot and you are all handling it head on and well. Sending big hugs and hopes for some good sleep. xoxo


Here you go.

Phone and pc are acting wacky atm. Will get pics uploaded in a minute.

It’s an Precision Xtra meter, though.


I use the Abbott Precision Xtra:


It’s a combo bg/ketone meter and works fine for both, however I still use the Contour USBs for BG because that seems to correlate closest to the readings from my Dexcom G6. The Abbott meter is a good one to go for because the keto-diet guys use it and the test strips are relatively cheap (a buck each on Amazon, shop around.) When I finally get an endo I’m going to ask him/her to prescribe them, and see what happens :wink:


Yes that’s what we use also. Great meter


Liam’s Endo prescribes them for him. He gets 30 strips each 90 days (3 boxes with 10 strips in each box). T


@ClaudnDaye how is Liam feeling today? Hoping you all were able to get some rest!


The two new eye drops are helping him, thanks! Yes, I hate for any of my children to be sick but him especially (not that I have favorites mind you.) :laughing:


Just found out that the strips are covered under my insurance but not the meter. Anyone know of any good places to get the meter cheaper? (Precision Xtra)


It’s under $30 at the link @jbowler posted.