Embarrassing lows in public: what is your story?


I don’t have any embarrassing stories either. My lowest BG ever was around 31 mg/dl, but my brain kept functioning quite well. I guess if I went lower, I’d just pass out without a kind of ‘foggy brain’ transition state warning me before.


All of mine happened while on N and R insulins.

Another one during college happened when I was walking across campus from my dorm to the business college. About half way there I was having problems keeping my balance and relized I was in trouble. Eventually started to fall down and get up and walk a little and fall down. My goal was to make it to the business college and the soda machine. Got to the business college and probably the only day of the semester they had it locked. My heart sunk. Amazing enough I made it accross the street to a bowling alley and got an orange soda.

I have no clue how many people I passed, but I’m sure they just thought I was a drunk college kid. I mean how unusual would it be to see a college kid stumbling drunk at 2 in the afternoon?? Glad those days are behind me.


Oh yes, had that happen a few times. Once I was in Los Angeles visiting my brother and was walking down a busy street - I think it was close to Santa Monica Blvd - and my blood sugar had dropped really low. I had tripped and fallen once and this lovely man came running over to see if I was okay. I just mumbled something and kept on walking, still able to recognize where I was. I saw a Subway sandwich store ahead and thought ‘I will get a coke’. But before I got there another man saw me wavering about and asked me if I had thought about joining AA. I said no, I hadn’t and he asked how much I had been drinking. I said I didn’t think I was intoxicated cause I hadn’t drank any alcohol. He then passed me a note with his phone number and said ‘call me if you change yourmind’.

When my brother got home I told him about it and phoned the man and explained the situation. This gentleman felt so badly for thinking I was drunk he brought me some lovely flowers! He was truly lovely. These kinds of moments are very challenging somet8me, that’s for sure…


It was a wonderful story too, thank you for sharing!


I had an amusing experience in southern New Mexico in early 2000’s due to low sugar. Id been driving around for a while in an altered hypoglycemic state not able to pull off anywhere for some reason.

I finally had a chance to stop and ask some men in green uniforms for information. Turns out I was at a border crossing heading into Mexico.

I was speaking “hypoglycemic” so they couldnt understand me. They asked me to get out of my car and searched it manually as well as with a search dog.

I had no intentions of going into Mexico BUT somehow ended up there after driving in a zombie state.

I was able to get a Moonpie at a small shop and bring my sugar back up and turn around after they were done with the vehicle search.


Wow, that is quite a story. And a good plug for Moonpie’s. So much sugar, such a tasty little package.


I loved your whole story! But that part was particularly wonderful. :slight_smile:

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This was the first time I gave myself a concussion.

Just got done at the gym driving home. My numbers were perfect the whole time then a double downward arrow on my dexcom… Uh oh. pull off the road and run into a store (GNC) and tell the guy I need something to raise my glucose I’m a type 1 diabetic. This guy sprang into action, next thing I know we’re tearing up and down aisles looking at labels. He stops and ask’s “You need Carbs right?” opening me those energy gummy’s for marathon runners, I ate a couple but while standing behind him I barely mumble out yea… Out like a light into the shelf BEHIND ME. I don’t remember anything after this as I woke up in the ambulance on the way to the ER. Apparently I fell away from this dude straight to the ground hitting my head on a end shelf and then the ground. Dazed and super low those gummys start to work and I’m some what conscious again trying to leave the store!!! After getting cleared in the ER I went back and thanked the dude. Probably the last thing he wanted to deal with on a Sunday afternoon.


Welcome to our little community! That is quite the harrowing story, especially nice that the CGM stopped you from driving, when a little longer and passing out at the wheel could have been much worse.

Now that you have a diagnosed concussion, I guess that limits your NFL career prospects slightly.

If you feel up to it, you can introduce yourself here:

Welcome, introduce yourself here!



Not my story, but you can’t get much more public than this:

He later wrote an article describing what happened: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6661261/ITV-News-Security-Editor-reveals-air-meltdown-sends-warning-diabetics.html


The article mentioned hypos may cause “irreversable brain damage”. I think this has been discussed before on this site. I assume there is documentation of this in a study somewhere?

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I am not sure about that. I suppose if you ended up so low for a while that you are close to dying that might be true. But, in fact, the bulk of the research on lows is that it does not appear to have negative consequences outside of making you less sensitive to lows.

There is, however, a recently discovered association between frequent lows and heart problems that @TiaG has written about several times.

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I’m wondering if the irreversible brain damage idea comes from falling and actually harming one’s brain? I guess that wouldn’t be from the hypo itself. But it could cause an issue.

That video was so sad to watch. And the follow up article was also super heartbreaking - the guys job was probably on the line. I can totally see that happening too - big story, tons of adrenaline masking a low. Poor dude.