Dr. Faustman Publishes Follow On BCG Data From Phase-I Trial

I just published a long, detailed blog posting on Dr. Faustman’s recent BCG paper. You can read it here:

It is very hard to summarize all the details in one paragraph, but here is my best attempt:

There are two ways to evaluate a study aimed at curing type-1 diabetes: first, does it move us closer to a cure? and second, was it successful? The recently published BCG paper failed on both counts. The study found no clinically significant C-peptide data showing progress to a cure. Similarly, the study published no successful data on it’s primary end point (autoreactive T-cells). The excitement surrounding this study was based on A1c data, which is used to measure type-1 treatments, not cures.


Thanks for this analysis. It’s very frustrating to see this information percolating through the D-community with lots of hype when it really is not justified.