Does anyone have trouble with basal time changes for daylight savings time?

this happens to me every time we have to change the clocks backwards or forwards. my BGs go completely wonky. I go high, I go low, I crash, I soar. my body just doesn’t regulate itself. how long this will go on I don’t know. but it is making a mess of everything and its driving me crazy.

does anyone else have this problem, and if so, how do you deal with it?

SOS: I really need help.



Hm, that doesn’t seem to make sense that a one-hour shift (particularly on the weekend) would cause you to have so many issues. Is your schedule extremely regimented, even on the weekends? I’ve never had this issue that I can recall.


No, I’ve never noticed a difference and I doubt whether I would notice it if the difference weren’t dramatic. Otherwise it could just be a day with wonky numbers like many other days.


Do you get stressed during these times, because for me, getting the extra hour of sleep is heaven in the fall, but don’t talk to me about the spring. Outside of a stress induced reaction, I am out of ideas.


I don’t have any ideas to help…but FYI you’re not alone! For some unknown reason I just endured a weekend full of disrupted sleep and hard to tame high BG’s. I don’t attribute it to the time change but noted that I ate more candy than expected Thursday night, had some meals out over the weekend that were unpredictable and backfired on me, etc.

Once I got things under control this morning it has all been filed away in my “never again” folder. That’s always my SOS: getting back into the routine and moving on.


yeah, probably a day like any other D Day. wonky and unexpected. I like being in complete control, and D doesn’t really allow for that much of the time :grimacing:


I haven’t had much of an issue with my daughters number but I can see how it could happen. This is what I would check

is you basal profile smooth or does it jump at key times? for example if you usually get 0.1u at 7am get up at 7:30, have breakfast and then get 0.5u at 8am then this would cause a low if you had breakfast an hour later.

what time was the first issue on Sunday
was your bolus CR working well during the day i.e. getting up and down in 2 hours?

I would try to fix the issues one or two per day in chronological order.


I seem to have “outgrown” this problem as I have gotten older, but years ago I experienced very similar problems. I know it didn’t make sense for just an hour shift, but nonetheless it happened.

The solution that worked for me was to spend the 6 days before, or after, changing pump time, meals, and other scheduled activities 10 min each day until I was synced with the everyone else’s time.