Doctors in Portland

Hi all

I’m moving to Portland, OR very soon and am hoping to set up a doctor’s appointment prior to leaving. Does anyone live in Portland, preferably SE or NE and have a doctor to recommend so I can contact ahead of time and set up an appointment. I’m not actually looking for an endo as just utilize a PCP to prescribe my meds. Thanks ahead of time

I don’t live in that part of Portland, and so I don’t have a specific physician to recommend, however you may want to find someone and make an appointment now. We switched insurance in January, and due to the explosive growth in population a new patient appointment has taken 5 months to get. My wife had to cancel her’s due to a work trip, and the reschedule is three months out. So pick one and get in the door.

I see a PCP and CDE at the Portland Clinic Downtown (SW). However, there are a few other Portland Clinic locations. They currently have one on 122nd Ave near Airport Way; I believe this clinic is closing and re-opening at another NE location on Sandy Ave.

The clinic and clinicians are great, if you want the names of people I see PM me and I’ll provide you the details. As @Chris said, though, it is usually a minimum 3 month wait to get in for an office visit at the clinic I use.

Yikes, 3 month wait?? I will have to go to an urgent clinic as I obviously can’t wait that long! I am close to time to renew my insulin and test strips but it may be too soon before I leave so I’ll see if I can get those transferred. Sigh. thanks guys.

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