Do women need to change prebolus timing based on hormones?

In the Women’s Health Category, we’ve discussed changing basal needs and changing bolus needs due to hormone-induced insulin resistance. Personally, I see varying increased insulin need for both basal and boluses during weeks 3 & 4 of my cycle.

I’ve also concluded that I personally need to increase my prebolus time as my hormones ramp up in weeks 3 & 4 of my cycle. During week 4, I need 40-60 minutes of meal prebolus time. Within 12 hours of my cycle restart, I’m back to 0-10 minutes of prebolus time while also cutting my boluses by about 30% compared to week 4 boluses.

Given all of the variables, I’m personally thrilled to keep my A1C between 6-7% while experiencing as few tanks and stuck highs as possible throughout each cycle. Ultimately, I want to be able to keep up with my kids and their activities with as few D interruptions as possible. Knock on wood, I’ve been able to do that to my satisfaction this year. Hopefully that streak continues!


That makes sense. I have seen that for years.

That however is unexpected !!!
And interesting.


I don’t prebolus anymore, but I do notice that I need a little more bolus insulin during the times of the month where I experience less insulin sensitivity.

That 12 hour drop sounds like a challenge. Needing 40-60 minutes of meal prebolus time with 30% more insulin at one point, and then suddenly down to 10 minutes of prebolus without the 30% increase. Glad you’ve got it all under control!

That’s wonderful :slight_smile:


You’ve warmed me up to the idea my blood sugar might behave differently here and there throughout the month. And that’s no small thing. I’ve always written off any kind of hormone connection, and still can’t find a consistent one, but I’m learning to embrace the days where I seem to trend one direction or the other without a clear explanation, random as they still seem to be. So I don’t have any of your numbers, but instead of just being irritated, if I am trending high, I just go with it. Or will just go with it if I find myself staying low. I know it all is included on those days— longer preboluses, bigger boluses, heavier basal. Then once it turns the corner, I turn everything back down.

So I still have no idea when any of it is coming (have yet to find a pattern even when trying), but it’s still good general strategy even when you’ve got nothing specific to use.