DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread

The surgery. The surgeon kind of mentioned the… that. The bouncing. So going slowly reduces it, but it all feels fine. I think this means I’m doing fine with what I’m doing…

Did that answer your question? :thinking:

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It also sounds like another week of not doing too much would probably be the best thing for you. Otherwise you might slow your recovery.

I should expand on this a little bit.

Your body has a natural tendency to avoid pain. And everything in your kinetic chain is connected. If you have soreness or pain in one area, you will alter your normal stride or gate or make some small adjustment to reduce that pain. That is a completely natural response. And you don’t even know you are doing it.

A common thing you see with runners is that they have one injury, and months later they have a completely different one, and it was the result of something from the prior pain that caused them to make a slight change. And it was something they were not even doing consciously.

So my concern is that if you are running in a certain way to alleviate one pain, you can end up hurting something else.

Does all of that make sense?

For that reason, I’d suggest easing back into everything very cautiously until you are pain free. Just nice and slow.

The main thing is to get your heart rate up. How does going slow but on incline feel?


Not doing too much… as in kind of doing what I’m doing? So far so (pretty) good. I was planning on a couple light miles again today, but I do mean light.

Yes, perfect sense. Story of my life.

Probably fine? I’m running hills outside, and I don’t notice anything different on them?

Bears ?

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Okay, but only do very easy stuff.

Before you get back to full speed, everything else should feel normal. Core work like sit-ups, push-ups, front planks, side planks. General movement like bending over forward and backward and to the sides, reaching up to the top shelf, things like that. Just normal motions and extension should feel okay with no pain.

If you are scrunching up a certain way because it feels tender or sore, that’s an indication you are going to alter your stride, and that’s what I am worried about. So just take it easy please.


Seriously? Is that a little dig on my grammar?? Too bad that was exactly what I was trying to say… that I hadn’t noticed anything different, like bears, on the hills. But I’ll take this opportunity auto report on the fact I didn’t see anything different in pain… Didn’t feel anything… :thinking:


No. I was just thinking there probably are not Bears inside but might be Bears outside?


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:rofl::rofl: I’ll have to look for them on the next hill.

Okay, but seriously. We do have bears in our park there… and now I’ll be nervous about them. :grimacing:

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Taking it easy. Things feel okay for the most part. My belly button, if you must know, has taken a hit. So that’s not normal feeling. But it’s no more weird feeling on my run than it is when I’m walking around doing stuff, so :woman_shrugging:.

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Oct 11 friday
Outdoor 4 miles
No zb
Banana at start
Afrezza an hour and a half prior!

Cutting off basal at start
Starting bg 86
Mi 1 108
Mi 2 107
Mi 3 110
Mi 4 87
Switched to walking
Mi 5 87
Mi 6 67
Mi 6.5 82 done

Felt really good. Slow, but not terribly slow. Much was at 9:30 min a mile, and I got up to about 8:45 for pieces… but not intentionally.

Realized today that pace yourself has to be my least favorite advice in the whole entire world. I know why, and I know I’m grown enough to learn how to do it. :roll_eyes:


Oct 12 outdoor 4 miles

Cutting basal at start…
Can’t remember any other details.

Starting bg: 148
Mi 1: 132
Mi 2: 127
Mi 3: 107
Mi 4: 102 done
Walk half
Total 5 miles

Felt frickin great. Took an early evening run after a really nice afternoon with a friend. I was physically tired but emotionally and mentally energized. Not a bad combination. :blush:

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I am giving this to you tentatively. I do not know how you feel, so please use your best judgement on your recovery. Do not push any of these.

You can use some gentle hills to increase your heart rate while keeping the same pace.

No speed work or anything exciting this week! Sorry! Just stay around 6.4 mph for this week. If you feel pain, stop.

If you feel good and have no pain, we can move it forward for your race.

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If I told you I did my 4 miles at an 8:30 pace yesterday, would that make any difference? I really do feel good. I’m taking one 600mg ibuprofen a day now and that’s at night… and really only because I want to be able to sleep comfortably.

Either way, thank you for the schedule. It certainly looks reasonable, and I particularly like the 8 mile run. :hugs:

Yes, as long as you are feeling okay.

How about keeping the times I gave you and adjusting the pace to be between 6.4 and 7.0 mph.

If you put some gentle hills into them, but go by RPE instead of pace.

If you feel good at the end of this week, we will get back to it for real.

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Feeling solid. And okay.

Sounds perfect.

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I did do this today.

And I did do this (RPE just happened to allow for a 7.0 pace—or close).

And I did start and finish feeling this way, BUT this evening I’m a little worn in the belly area. Worn enough for something stronger than a 600mg ibuprofen. It wasn’t just the run though… I’ve been doing a million things and have been back full swing lifting heavy bags and carrying heavy children… and everything else that I was easing back into until I decided I was fine. My belly button is particularly unhappy with the choices, and that’s not trying to be cute… that’s where the camera went in. So like for real. It’s not happy.

Oct 14 outdoor 4.00 miles (33:39) and a quarter mile jog.

No ZB but also turned off basal-IQ
Banana on my way up
Cut basal at start

Starting bg: 86
Mi 1: 73
Mi 2: 85
Mi 3: 92
Mi 4: 97
Jog 1/4 mile
*Resume Basal
*Walk 2 miles
Finish @ 100

RPE was maybe a 6. But I think I’m feeling it now. :neutral_face:

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If it still hurts on Tuesday, lay off the run and wait for Wednesday please.

Maybe running every other day this week would be better for you.

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It’s already better. I’m playing Minecraft with my kids. I think I just needed to sit down (And take meds). And play Minecraft.

If I can feel it tomorrow, I will just not leave the house. I will just not leave the couch. :expressionless:

I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m trying to get control of my eating. I’ve been a little stressed. A lotta stressed actually. And I’m just eating dumb stuff. The kind of bad part (if I can get away with saying this in a group of diabetics) is that my blood sugar has held up fine throughout this. The only reason it’s bad is because I’m used to being able to use that as an “excuse” to stop eating the bad stuff. With good blood sugar though (thank you, IV and Afrezza), it’s kind of something I have to decide to do. And I’m not deciding it. I feel gross. So I’m pushing maybe just a little bit to make up for a lack of control.

Not sure how that relates to your every other day plan, but I’m afraid to miss a day. :woman_shrugging: